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July Meeting

There were 19 participants at the July Zoom meeting.

Judy McPhee talked about photography club participation in this year's Fall Fair, happening on Sept. 18 and 19. There will be some changes from previous years. There will be no people's choice award to eliminate touching pens, etc. No word as to wearing masks will be required.

Please contact Judy at if you can help with any of the following times:

Wed. 15th-- 3-5, 5-7:30 to receive photos



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Minutes for June Zoom meeting

23 people participated in the June meeting.

The club has 2 new members: Anette Schrage and Linda Heimlich.

Anette is known to club members already because she recently gave a presentation of her work. Her subject is mixed media fine art and she has shown work at the Photosynthesis shows at Artspring.

Linda has recently moved to…


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June Meeting

June Slideshow: Macro Photography…


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About Close-up Lenses

One of the simplest approaches to macro photography is the close-up lens, a lens that fastens to the front of a regular camera lens. A close-up lens allows one to get closer to a subject, closer than the camera could otherwise focus at. The subject then appears larger. 

Below is an example using two close-up lenses: a Canon 500D and a Cinevate…


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May meeting minutes

There were 20 participants for may's zoom Club meeting.

The deadline for submitting photos to this year's Eclectic Visions virtual show has come and gone! It was May 15th but I'm sure there's still time to beg an entry if the dates slipped your mind.

On May 25th the Victoria Camera Club has organized a talk on macro photography with Don Komarechka. Kahsia highly recommends him and, since Macro is our next month's challenge, it is a pertinent subject to look in to. You…


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May Meeting

Member Slideshow

"Black and White"…


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Minutes for April Club meeting

23 members on Zoom.

The meeting started with a presentation by Lynda Miller (from the Kelowna Photography Club) of CAPA. CAPA is the Canadian Association for photographic Art. It is divided into 5 Zones across Canada and Lynda is the director of the Pacific Zone. 

It is a non-profit charitable Association and has thousands  of individual members and around 90 clubs. It is for photographers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and offers speakers, competitions and…


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April Meeting

Member Slideshow

Composite Images

Multiple exposures, overlays, ICM…


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Pre-selection of Club's North Shore competition entries.



A big round of thanks to our four judges: Pat and Rosemarie Keough, David Borrowman and Simon Henson who agreed to independently rank the 16 images submitted to them in order to identify the 6 that went forward to represent the club at the 2021 North Sore Competition.

The selected images (in no particular order) are as follows:

Kahsia Hartwell - Bosque del…


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May Meeting

May 12 Meeting Minutes

(Anna McColm)

There were 20 participants for may's zoom Club meeting.

The deadline for submitting photos to this year's Eclectic Visions virtual show has come and gone! It was May 15th but I'm sure there's still time to beg an entry if the dates slipped your…


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An advert came up that has a sale on for the next 14 days.  They must have heard the discussion on Zoom tonight!  I won't post the link because it was on FB.

UPDATE:  Apparently this is a reported problem with Zoom in that it does share content with Facebook & others.

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Fernwood Dock Diamonds (Doug McMillin)    

A letter posted in early…


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Photographic Events in the Time of COVID (2021)

Gwen McDonald at Country Grocer

Gwen's photographs skillfully capture…


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Restart meetings


I would like to restart meetings.  I say that without knowing:

1. With social distancing of 2 metres, what is the capacity of the Harbour House room?

2. What is the normal attendance at a club meeting?

I miss seeing fellow club members, the educational programs and the monthly themed slide show.

I am willing to assist helping arrange the room with proper social distancing and with putting chairs away.  I am also alright with wearing a mask…


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Take care of yourselves.

Missing our meeting and coffee get together.

Take care of yourselves and we will see everyone when this is over.

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Minutes for February Club meeting

Pierre opened the meeting at 7pm. 3 new members introduced themselves; JusteneTedder (who has been taking lots of photos in Africa ), Mahmoud Ray Abras (who is already posting on the website; check out his raindrop photo) and Ellen Vesterdal. Usha, not yet a member, was also present.

Exhibits:  Pierre has some canvas photos at Embe Bakery Sandwich shop and the Group of Six are still showing at Fernwood Cafe (new photos now) until the middle of March.

The Club's…


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Minutes for December meeting

Pierre presided and welcomed 3 members of Photosynthesis to the meeting - Amy Melious, Alane Lalonde and Kristina Heineman. Lois introduced her husband Ted to the Club.

We ate, drank and chatted and then held a short meeting followed by a slide show of our 'Wildlife in our backyard' photos.

Wendy addressed the January Lobby Show at Artspring. The show will be hung on Monday January 6th. Bring your photos to Artspring that day between 9.30am - 11am. Two photos per person…


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Merry Christmas

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2020 January Lobby Show at ArtSpring…


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November meeting minutes

Pierre welcomed  Emma, a German student from Stuttgart, who had come with Jan Steinman to the meeting.

Shows:  Pierre is still showing photos at Embe Bakery sandwich shop and asked if anyone would like to replace him. There is room for 5 or 6 11" x 14" framed photos. Please contact Pierre if you are interested;

            The Group of Six are showing their work at Fernwood Café with an opening on Sunday Nov17th from 2pm - 4pm. Everyone is…


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