Photo Opportunity: Harbour Air's E-plane arrival

Community Energy has organized a month-long series of events titled Electrify Salt Spring, Accelerating Pathways to Carbon Zero around the arrival of Harbour Air’s electric floatplane.

I’m in charge of documenting much of the events and I was wondering if some of the photo club folks would be interested in photographing the first flight of the e-plane
from Richmond to Ganges?
The flight is weather dependent and is scheduled for Friday, May 5th but may happen
with 6-24 hours' notice on either the 4th or the 6th.
We’re hoping to capture as many viewpoints as possible with stills and video. I’ll be there with them for sure but if anyone is interested in being involved please have them email me directly.
                We may not have much advance notice but if folks are able
                to respond on short notice then the more diverse viewpoints the better.
                We don’t have any means of announcing the arrival time publicly but
                I’ll see if they’ll use social media.
                So please invite anyone who is interested to contact me and I’ll see if
                I can give them some advance notice



Harvest Moon Cannabis store (next to Country Grocer)

Is looking for artists/photographers to sign up for displaying their work for a month at a time.  They work on a first-come, first-served basis and currently have artists for the months of January and March.

For more information, contact Mike Burd:  mike@harvestmooncannabis.ca

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