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June Newsletter & Minutes

Minutes for the June meeting:

Judy welcomed Alan and Malcolm (who were sampling the Club!) and Helmi, a new member of the Club, who joined in December


Eclectic Visions:

24 members showed their images. Larry and Earl both took extra spots.

674 people attended the show over the 14 days.

3 framed photos sold.

3 shrink wraps sold.

54 cards, 2 books, 7 calendars

Many thanks to Fifi and the others who helped with the set-up and clean-up.

Earl constructed 2 sandwich boards for the Club. They are beautiful and also sturdy.

The Club bought 2 new shrink-wrap holders. Another 2 were borrowed from Wendy and Judy.


People's Choice Award:

There were 193 votes (down from 291 last year).

Galveston won the prize with the most votes: 26.

Zaiya came second with 21 votes.

Earl was third with 20 votes.


Considerations for next year's Eclectic Vision show:-

Razali has an e-mail list and has agreed to send out our poster to that list next year.

The older sandwich boards need some work and need to be stabilized somehow to prevent being blown over by the wind.

New locations are needed to put them in. The corner at Central will no longer be available.

On the 2 weekends before the EV show the Club could man a table in the middle aisle of the market, which is available to non-profit enterprises. Volunteers would be needed.

Flyers could be handed out to all the businesses in Ganges, Vesuvius, Fernwood and Fulford. 

The People's Choice Award; instead of voting for a favourite photograph people could vote for their favourite 3 photographers. (I heard a few people say, during my shift, "Oh, but I have 2/3 favourites!"). The chosen photographers would get points; First choice would get 3 points, the second choice would get 2 points and the third would get 1.

Reminders would go out to everyone to write a receipt for each purchase!


Fall Fair (September 7-8).

Judy is looking for 2 or 3 people to help her with the organization of photo input on Tuesday, Sept 3rd, 3.30 - 6.30.




She also needs 2 or 3 volunteers to help the judges write positive comments on Thursday 5th, from Noon onwards. Each photograph will receive a comment.

Contact Judy if you are interested; jhmcphee@shaw.ca


She is hoping to attract more youth participants and proposes offering more prizes for that category. She has talked to the Photography teacher at the high School and he seemed keen on the idea so, hopefully, he will talk it up and drum up some interest among his students. Lots of talent there!


Gwen suggested that someone write an article in the Driftwood about the photography section at the Fair a week or two beforehand and mention that new prizes will be available through the Photography Club.


Shows for June:

Johanne Berube (Jo) will show photos at Country Grocer Cafe.

Claudia will show hers in September.

Julianne will show in November.

Julianna, Avril, Judy and Pierre all have work on the walls at Artcraft in Mahon Hall.


Dave Hutchinson is moving off Island to Victoria and, although he will carry on with his workshops, he has had to cancel the one in June.


John de Bruyn bought a lot of photographic studio equipment from David Borrowman - more than he needs - and is offering the surplus to interested members of the Club. Wendy suggested he take photos of the items and create a page on the website so people can view what is on offer.


Upcoming Speakers:

Chris Dixon will give a talk on matting and framing next month, July.

In August Gwen and Curt will talk about their eclectic collection which will be on the walls in the Library room where we meet.

In September Martin Prihoda will give a talk on fashion photography. 


Avril mentioned a programme called Lunapic. https://www6.lunapic.com/editor/

No need to download it. Just go to it and play with your photographs to see a new vision of your image. 


Claudia presented a proposal she has been thinking about. Club members could pool their resources, look into their archives and pull out good photos of Canadian landscapes. She sees a show that would have large format prints of landscapes across the land - coast to coast -  representing each province. A title she is thinking of is "From Coast to Coast; Canada's diverse landscapes and their origins". She volunteers to do the write-ups for each photograph - giving geological information about each one. She suggested showing this exhibition to the middle and High schools as well as other venues. Artspring perhaps?

On that note - the challenge theme for next month's meeting is 'Canadian Landscapes'. It will be interesting to see what the Club will come up with. Please send your 2 photos to Avril (avek@telus.net) and be sure to include the place name and the Province.


The challenge theme for the August meeting will be 'Lines'.


Seth Berkowitz gave us a talk on capturing passing time using photography. He organized the photos he showed us into 3 categories - sequences, series and collections. Experiments in this technique stemmed from a bar bet where someone bet he could prove that all 4 feet of a galloping horse were off the ground at the same time, something the human eye is not fast enough to capture. They are! Seth gave us a new way of thinking about and seeing things which is always welcome.


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