April 2024 - Meeting



Minutes for the April meeting:

Judy welcomed some new members; Richard Mayer, Daniel Wood, Zaiya Spray (our youngest member) and Julianna Slomka. also  new in attendance is Seth Berkowitz.


Eclectic Visions

Our annual summer show will be at Gallery 8 (in Grace Point Square) from May 17th - 30th.

Photos to be dropped off at the Gallery on the 15th,  Noon - 5pm.

If you haven't already registered then send an e-transfer to Pat Page (patssi@shaw.ca) for $75 by April 25th.

27 spots have been reserved and 2 members have reserved 2 spots.

Our sponsored student this year is Galveston Gill.


Send the information about your photos to Wendy (wrosier@gmail.com) by May 11th as she makes the labels for the show. 


Your name, the name of the photograph, the price and anything (short) you want to say about the paper it's printed on. Only show work that has not been shown on Salt Spring during the last 2 years.

All frames must be black,  ***** Razali is ok with other frame colours  *****


Crown Framing (on the corner of Robinson Road and Upper Ganges Road) is offering 10% off mats and frames for Club members.


A PDF fillable form will be e-mailed shortly.

A piano is currently residing at the Gallery and Judy took the opportunity to ask if we could have live music for the opening. So - we will have a live piano player, Wilf Davies, for the evening. Food and wine are being donated by Country Grocer.

The opening night is on Friday May 17th, 5 - 7pm.

The people's choice award will be a $50 gift certificate to Off the Hook - by Fernwood Dock.


Margaret Benmore is sponsoring our student Galveston this year and has also paid for next years sponsorship - She would like to help youth get more involved

in photography so has set up a sponsorship program with the club.  Thank you



Also to help get more youth involved I have created a couple of new prizes for YOUTH at the fall fair, photography section, one a gift certificate to TJ Beans for best domestic animals for YOUTH and second the club will donate $25 cash, one free membership to the club while they are a student, and to exhibit in EV, while they are a student.  This will help with picking a student for next year.



Maggie has taken on the task of advertising the show. She will send press releases to the Times Colonist and other relevant papers. Advertising on Island is an expensive business; Aqua magazine charges $600 and Fishbowl charges $400. Gulp! The Salt Spring Exchange charges $300 to advertise for the month. Hannah pointed out that is free to submit information to the SS Exchange for 'Events'. 


Gallery 8 is celebrating their 15th anniversary this Friday 5 - 8pm. Avril Kirby sells some of her work there.


ArtSpring is celebrating its 25th anniversary from April 17th - 21st and Seth Berkowitz has been asked to curate pictures for a lobby exhibition and has put together 12 large panels - each one a montage of visual memorabilia of 25 years of ArtSpring's history.


Volunteer Fair at SIMS

Judy is manning a table at the Volunteer Fair this Saturday, April 13th, at SIMS from 10am - 3pm. She's hoping to make people aware of the club and maybe get some interested people to sign up to become members. You're all welcome to drop by and show support.


The last talk in the BC/Yukon series is also this Friday. It is free but you must pre-register to get a Zoom invite. The topic is 'Composition' and the speaker is Harold Davis. The 'doors' open at 6.30pm when the Delta Photography Club (who is hosting this event) will have a slide show of member's photos and the talk will start at 7pm. *** sorry this came out too late visit his website *** a must see!





Howard Fry is showing photos at the Country Grocer Cafe in May.

Johanne Berube (new member) is showing her work there in July.

Claudia Schroder-Adams will show in September.

Julianna Slomka will show in November.

Anna McColm will show photos in the Harvest Moon  Cannabis store by Country Grocer in November.

Curt and Gwen are showing photos in the Library Programme Room in August.

John de Bruyn will show his work there in December.

Next year Susan Cogan will rent the Library programme room to show some of Uri Cogan's photographs.



Save-a-tape programme

Our receipts will bring in a cheque for $242 from Country Grocer. Very timely, just before the Eclectic Visions show.


Next Month's meeting

The next meeting is on May 8th. If you are entering Eclectic Visions please send (via email) the photos you are showing to Judy (jhmcphee@shaw.ca) by May3rd.


For the first part of the meeting we will look at them all and the photographers will have a chance to explain them. This is a very helpful activity as we will then have more knowledge to share when we are sitting the show and a visitor is showing interest in someone's photograph. 


The theme for the May slideshow in the second part of the meeting is:

either - photos you thought of putting in the show but something stopped you! You can get helpful feedback.

or - open theme. Whatever you like.


Speaker Talk:

Claudia Schroder-Adams showed us photos from her high Arctic expeditions. Amazing photos which showed the vast landscapes of rock and ice that were her workplace. She is a research scientist and a paleontologist, looking for microscopic fossils that tell a story of environmental conditions in the past. Despite her claims not to be a 'photographer' we were all moved by the images we saw and were temporarily transported to this other-worldly landscape. She used a Nikon D8oo camera and a go-pro that was sometimes strapped to the outside of a helicopter.


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