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The meeting started with a presentation by Lynda Miller (from the Kelowna Photography Club) of CAPA. CAPA is the Canadian Association for photographic Art. It is divided into 5 Zones across Canada and Lynda is the director of the Pacific Zone. 

It is a non-profit charitable Association and has thousands  of individual members and around 90 clubs. It is for photographers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and offers speakers, competitions and exhibitions. There is a quarterly publication and members can submit images and articles for consideration. There are monthly newsletters.

A single membership is $65 and a Club membership is around $125.

CAPA has a panel of judges (who receive training) and any Club can call on these judges for internal competitions. CAPA has a handy list of other Photo Clubs, which could be useful for PhotoFest.

Some Club members don't like the idea of too many competitions - it can be discouraging - and is maybe not the point of photography. Others like the opportunity to show their work and get feedback. Comments are often helpful but Lynda explained that with 800 - 1200 images that are submitted for some competitions there is just no time to comment on each one, however well-meaning the judges are.

Avril suggested that we join for a year and see how that works. 

The dates for PhotoFest 2023 will be June 4th - 18th. Eclectic Visions opening will be on the 4th and Photosynthesis (at Artspring) will have their opening on the 3rd. There will be other satellite exhibits around the Island.

The last in the BC / Yukon series of 4 talks that the Club has paid for will be on May 14th, from 7pm - 8.30pm. You need to sign on and commit to it and you will be given a Zoom link.The speaker is George Barr.

Next Monday (April 19th) there is a talk by Marc Koegel hosted by the Victoria Camera Club on Fine Art Black and White photography. 7pm - 9pm. Pierre has sent out an email about this and there is a $5 fee.

Looking for speakers for the Club's monthly meetings. Kahsia is organizing a speaker for June. Avril has contacted Timmy Gibbon and awaits her response. If anyone knows of a photographer who could present something (it could be a body of work) please ask them if they would be willing to talk to us.

The Eclectic Visions show will be virtual again this year and Wendy presented a programme she has found that is liked by all. It is a virtual Gallery with a self guided tour of our photographs on the wall. You can view it as a slide show and you can also stop it at any photo and see the information attached. To access this programme costs around $15 and enables the Club to have 5 shows annually, with a maximum of 50 photos per show. Music can be added, if desired. 

Please send Wendy your image by May 15th and include the usual information: your name, image title, price and contact information. Criteria for your image is that it should be relatively new and has not been shown before. If you send two images please let Wendy know your priority preference, in case there is only room for one.

Curt volunteered to take on the publicity for the show. There is no charge to enter this year. Yeah!!

Doug showed us the monthly slideshow of 34 composite images. He has since posted them on the Main page. 

Next month's challenge topic is Black and White Photography.

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Comment by Avril Kirby on May 5, 2021 at 9:11am

A few little corrections--entry forms with your info for Eclectic Visions should be sent to me at avek@telus.net and photos should be sent to Wendy. And I think we decided everything needs to be in by May 31, rather than mid May. Good minutes, though, and thanks Anna!


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