August 2019 minutes

Pierre was off gallivanting around the world somewhere so Avril opened the meeting in his absence. No new members but some old faces attended. Trudy  Sloan stayed with Pat Page and came for the meeting. Lovely to see her!

Avril has a show at Fernwood cafe entitled "With a Twist" from Aug. 18 to Sept. 14 and has an opening reception on Sunday the 18th at 2 p.m.

Kahsia will be showing at Country Grocer in September.

SS Wild Cider is open to having more photographers showing there and they would like a farm or island theme to the photos. They will want to see the photos before they go up. To show there, contact Gerda at 250-538-8686 or email her at

Judy and Kahsia are organizing volunteers to help out with the photography section of this year's Fall Fair. If you'd like to participate in a short shift of keeping sticky fingers off the photographs and letting interested people know about the photo club, contact Judy at or Kahsia at

Our speakers were two eminent photographers from the stable of National Geographic and they were fascinating. Doug chose well and went through hours of watching to find Stephen Alvarez on “Set the scene: get close” and Jodi Cobb on “Gaining Trust”. Stephen is an adventure photographer. He talks about bad weather being a boon to photographers and about the need to set the scale sometimes with a less zoomed shot. Jodi is a rare female photographer for NG and has been able to shoot where no man would be allowed to go. She has photographed the life of geishas and Muslim women and was allowed to photograph in China before anyone else. There is an advantage to being female “and invisible”, she says. Thank you, Larry, for supplying movie night at the Photo Club and to Doug for setting it all up for us. Very inspiring.

Our September challenge will be a choice between the challenges that each of these photographers set at the end of their talks. You can choose between wide angle, close up, possibly adventure, probably action, and love and intimacy, close up, or just companionship. Close and close.

Our slide show was inspiring, too. Lots of great, would-be NatGeo shots, and a great deal of travel photography, of course.

September's speaker will be 17 year old Lucas Morton from Mill Bay. As well as showing us his impressive photographs, he will be discussing what young people feel about photography today and how we might attract more youthful members to the club. Should be interesting.

Any mistakes made, please correct below. Avril

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Comment by Curt Firestone on August 20, 2019 at 8:26pm

Thanks Avril.  Sorry to miss the meeting.

Comment by anna mccolm on August 26, 2019 at 9:14pm

Thanks for doing the minutes Avril. Nicely done!


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