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Change to agenda for the November meeting

I've just learned that next month's speaker will be Seth Berkowitz instead of Pierre, who has kindly stepped aside until February. Seth will talk about portraiture and an idea that has come up involving both Photosynthesis and the club.

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Minutes, October 11, 2017


SSI Photography Club

October 11, 2017


Wendy Rosier chaired the meeting.


No new members this month


Current shows:

     Several Photo club members are represented in SSNAP and the Parallel Show, both of     

     which continue until October 22

     Sylvia Beech will show at Country Grocer in November

     Members are…


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Minutes; August 9, 2017

SSI Photography Club


August 9th 2017


Meeting called to order by Avril Kirby


Visitors, including a potential new member, were introduced


A celebration of Bob Rogers’ life is planned for Sunday August 13th at the home of Wendy Rosier. The gathering is being hosted by the Photography club.


Current and upcoming…


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Photography Exhibition

An exhibition of images from South America, by Stasia Garraway is opening at the Salty Pear Gallery this week, Friday June 9th 5 to 10 PM. The gallery is at 270 Rainbow Road (across from the Rainbow road pool). Stasia is a lovely young woman  whom I met recently. An excellent photographer, this will be her first show and will be well worthwhile taking in. The show runs until September 30th. 

Gwen McDonald


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Minutes, May 10, 2017


SSI Photography club

May 10, 2017



Meeting chair: Wendy Rosier


Announcement of new members:

We welcome three new members who have recently joined. They are: Nate Poetke, Ulana Switucha, and Seth Berkowitz


Current shows:

Sam Lightman: Sea Shells, at Art Spring.

Anna McColm: Country…


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Minutes, April 12, 2017


SSI Photography Club

April 12, 2017


Acting Chair: Avril Kirby


Guests: Nate Poetker


New Members: Chris Skleryk


Current members shows:


    ROCO: to April 30th

        Margaret Benmore: Return of the SSI Goddesses

        Group show: Curt, Jana , Avril,…


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minutes for December 14,2016

SSI Photography club


December 14, 2016


Meeting called to order by Wendy Rosier


New members: Mark Hall, Megan Zook-Brown

Renewing members: Ernie Westlund


Current shows:

Pierre Mineau at the Library, December 10 – 25th

Avril Kirby at Gallery Eight

Harbour House:  Several members showing till December…


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Minutes, November 9, 2016

SSI Photography club

Minutes, November 9th 2016


Meeting called to order by Wendy Rosier, President


New members: Judy Brooks, Mark Hall. Welcome to you both!  Attending as a guest, and considering membership: Bob MacKie. Ruth Waldick, Pierre Mineau’s wife was also in attendance and she had such a good time chatting with members that she is considering joining as…


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Minutes, August 10, 2016

SSI Photo Club Meeting


August  10, 2016


New Members:  Susan Davenport


Current/upcoming Shows involving members:

            - Photosynthesis opens August 24th, running to September 6th

            - Elizabeth Dow showing at Country Grocer during September

            - Maggie Argiro and Margaret Benmore, reprise of In…


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Minutes, July 13th, 2016

SSI Photo Club Meeting


July 13th, 2016


Report on Eclectic Visions, Jana:


Of approximately 50 images entered, 10 pieces sold for a total of $3012 ... our most financially successful show yet.  Total attendance approximately 980 people.


Expenses a little greater this year, with main expenses being rent for Gallery eight ($1660), advertising…


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Minutes, meeting of June 8th 2016

SSI Photography Club


June 8th 2016


Introduction of new members: Jude Oliver; Brenda  Bowes


Current member shows:

Jana Zachariou, Kim Stewart, Bob Rogers at Salt Spring Gallery

Curt Firestone, with former club member Tom Gilligan at Fernwood cafe


Eclectic Visions update by Jana Zachariou:

- Kudos to Maggie…


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Minutes, meeting of May 11th, 2016

SSI Photography Club Minutes

May 11, 2016


Wendy called the meeting to order with the announcement that membership is now 116.

New members,  Jay Raine Unger, Isabelle De Launiere,  Brenda Bower,  Maurice Oates were introduced.  There were also several guests interested in Isabelle Groc’s talk – they were welcomed but not introduced.


Photo Club member shows:

            “Four by Four” at…


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Minutes for April 13th meeting

SSI Photography Club


April 13th 2016


Call to order: Wendy


Introduction of guests, new and former members:

            Tom Shiffman – new; first meeting

            Harold Bailey – returning

            Greg Beatty – considering membership.

            Michael Morse - new




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Minutes July 9th, 2014

SSI Photography Club Minutes

July 9, 2014



  1. New member: Bob Fenske
  2. Lavender festival Sunday, July 13th: Jaqueline Sutton invites all members to attend, with admission fee waived. French theme this year featuring Can-Can dancing, talks by Carolyn Herriott, and lavender based foods. 
  3. Bernadette announces the upcoming  Summer Painters Guild Show at…

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