SSI Photo Club Meeting


July 13th, 2016


Report on Eclectic Visions, Jana:


Of approximately 50 images entered, 10 pieces sold for a total of $3012 ... our most financially successful show yet.  Total attendance approximately 980 people.


Expenses a little greater this year, with main expenses being rent for Gallery eight ($1660), advertising (around $1000), printing (around $300)


Issues to be further discussed for next year’s show:

1. An alternate way to divide up the available space ...possibly using just linear distance

2. All cards to be priced at $5.00

3. Bio’s from everyone which should also include information on each of the images  


4. The monthly meeting just prior to the show will be a preview of each photographer’s

     Image/s along with descriptions of pertinent info so sitters are better prepared to talk

     about the images at the show.

5. Consider fewer sitters, for longer shifts, selecting individuals who tend to be out-going

    by nature.

6. Duplicate bio book to be kept at the sitters table to facilitate answering questions about

    the images/photographers

7. Rent fewer tables for opening night as the liquor store brings their own. Also, insist the

    rental company deliver any tables rented from them. Source tables from members who

    are willing to loan theirs.

8. Gallery Eight cleaning expectations need to be clarified.


New Members; Paul Markano was introduced, and described his photographic experience and equipment. He is a multimedia artist focusing mostly on 3D and virtual reality images. His website is Digiphotoartists. He shoots with a Sigma SP14 using 3RGB filters, and has recently purchased a new Sony 3D camera.


Ongoing shows:

Kim Stewart and Jana Zachariou at SS Gallery of Fine Art

Wendy Rosier and Evelyn Smith at Pemberton Holmes

Curt Firestone and Tom Gilligan at the Fernwood Cafe.


Executive committee report:

There will be a new “Entry/Home” page for our website going up soon to welcome newcomers and the public. The current pages will remain the same but will only be accessible to Members. Our new webmaster is Peter Freeman


New position of membership coordinator has been created.  Ross MacLeod has agreed to take this on and reported on the 29 responses thus far received to his recent survey asking for member input regarding education interests. If you have not already, please complete and return the survey ASAP.


Members are reminded that information regarding  photographic outings are posted in the Blog section of the website.  Also “Groups” are listed on the website in the right hand column but will eventually become a tab with a drop down menu.


Presentation by Peter Freeman:  Open Source (i.e. free) Software options


Peter discussed a wide variety of free software, compatible for PCs, Macs and Linux. As an Operating System, Linux is easy to install, and is virus free, though the learning curve for using it is large.


Free software includes: 

A tool to stitch panoramas, using “Hugin” (for Linux) or “Autostitch” on a Windows OS. Doesn’t work as well on photos taken windy days. Best results when one rotates the camera using it’s lens as the axis.


“Gimp” – the Open Source version of Photoshop does everything Photoshop does and allows one to pull out the corner of the image in order to straighten, or correct the angle of it. Useful when photographing art when you are unable to shoot from directly above the image or buildings.


“Aviary” allows for some very cool framing options.


“Juxtaposer”  is a fun app for easy photomontages – cutting, pasting and layering.


“Ubuntu” is a Linux OS that can be loaded onto a DVD disc or USB stick. It is updated twice yearly and can do so while you are still working on your computer.


Windows in being forced by market pressures to move to an Open Document Text (ODT) format for saving documents, rather saving as a “doc” file. Large corporations in Europe are abandoning Windows due to it’s issues with viruses, etc.


Next meeting’s Challenge: Creative use of Post Processing. Members are encouraged to download and play with a new program such as Gimp, or to use their existing editing program, experimenting with some new element they have not yet tried.



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thanks indeed.

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