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August 9th 2017


Meeting called to order by Avril Kirby


Visitors, including a potential new member, were introduced


A celebration of Bob Rogers’ life is planned for Sunday August 13th at the home of Wendy Rosier. The gathering is being hosted by the Photography club.


Current and upcoming shows:

            Judy McFee: at Embe Bakery

            Bob Fenske; in the ROCO hallway, August 10th to 31st

            Bob Fenske and Curt Firestone: a joint show of street Photography at                                       Gallery 8. September 8th to 15th. Opening reception 5 PM September 8th.

            Photosynthesis opening reception 5 PM August 23rd at Artspring. Eight Photo                            club members are featured in the show.


Ross McLeod is encouraging members to sign up for the ROCO hallway for which Larry Citra generously donated the hanging set-up. This excellent space is being underutilized. Members can sign up on the photo club website.


Speaker: Matt Steffich of Steffich Gallery


Matt is celebrating 25 years in business at Steffich Gallery. He became increasingly interested in photography as an art form in 2007 while attending the Toronto International Art Fair and since then has represented the work of several outstanding photographers.


His discussion focused on photography from the perspective of the gallery owner. People shoot photos for many reasons including that they like the images they make, they have fun doing it, and they hope to sell their work. What sells in a Gallery is a quality image, something that “grabs” you, speaks to you, as soon as you see it!    Abstract photography does not sell well in galleries, interestingly, being somewhat like “the Jazz of the Art world”.  A good image should be self explanatory. Quality framing is important.


Pricing an image: There are no clear rules on pricing, but generally the rarer an image the more valuable it will be. Keeping the number of prints under 50 will enhance the value of each print. A good  rule of thumb is for a photographer to start with prices on the low side then, if the photographer’s work becomes better known and the images are selling reasonably well, begin to increase the prices a little. Images can also be sold on  consignment.


Next month’s challenge: Things old, antique, broken, derelict, wrecked



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Comment by anna mccolm on August 26, 2017 at 1:41pm

Thanks Gwen. It's great to be able to read these minutes when one is unable to attend the meeting.

Comment by Avril Kirby on August 24, 2017 at 7:33pm

Well done, Gwen, and thanks!



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