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Invitation to Art Exhibit

Sorry this is late  buy everyone in our club is hereby invited to my wife's(Jan Sharkey Thomas") art exhibit at Gallery 8 from August 31 to Sept., 8, 2018. I couldn't get time on  my computer to do this sooner and I did ask some other club members to pass the word so here it is in writing. My wife is very ill and Gallery 8 asked if they could do a a "one man/woman show on her 88th birthday (Aug. 28th).

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Happy Valentines Day

Wishing all the members of our club a happy and sensuous Valentines Day!  Most of you know me but for everyone - I have always cherished the moments we spend together - the activities we accomplish and the wonderful images we produce. It is a day of admiration and , although I have been tardy as of late (never at our online site) I admire and value all the work we display and envy the outstanding talent produced by our group.

Saluting you with a glass of champagne and a wreath…


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Condolences on the Passing of Greg Klassen

Many condolences on the passing of one of our distinguished members who spread his love and knowledge of Photography throughout the community.  He will be missed by many - Seldom have I seen such dedication and immersion in our favorite pastime  - his creativity was amazing and his willingness to share and involve his peers in his projects was heart warming and a pleasure to be part of.


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Happy Father's Day!

As many of you know I was blessed to be a father eight times. In the capacity of being kind of a spokesman for this group - I want to wish all the fathers in our club a Very Happy Fathers Day.

Its a great assignment and gives many of us a lot of "material" to use in our imaging processes.

Enjoy the day! Its been a "heady" responsibility but we have been up to it!



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I had to add an image to my regular entry today because Rachel was a particular friend and very talented photographer and although I could not make to Lady Minto yesterday I could not wait for another turn and I hope Rachel's entry into the next plane was in peace. I am losing a dear friend.  

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Club logo Shirts and hats

Im a great one for activity shirts and hats - have quite a collection from many activities. Didn't see any written info about them and would have liked to participate. Please let me know if your do it again.

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Happy St. PAtricks Day!

Old saying - "everyone is Irish on St. Patricks' Day!" If that is really not true in your case it is really an invitation to join in the celebration. In another place and another time I hosted an annual celebration in my home and prepared all the  traditional food and trimmings and reveled in the resultant fun and merrymaking. Traditionally it is a day of merrymaking and good fellowship. I was in Dublin on St.Partrick's day in 1987  and enjoyed the fun and congeniality of "Irishmen  (and…


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Happy Valentines Day!

To all my friends and acquaintances in our Photography Club !

Happy Valentines Day and I hope you get some good , loving images on this day that is supposed to be set aside for admiration. We have always been so lucky to have some of the best examples of skill, friendship and consideration as part of our unwritten theme and it has been my distinct honor  to be associated with you all - you truly  my valentines and I love you all!


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I am entering this as a blog because I don't want to appear as someone who is losing their interest in our club. For many years I have participated in as many activities of our club as I could manage but current events are curtailing my attendance - not my participation in some areas, but I am currently unable to attend meetings and breakfasts and other opportunities. I value my membership and my association with all of the fine photographers I have become acquainted with and I continue to…


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

To all my friends and acquaintances in our wonderful Photography club - thanks for you friendship and instructions  through a very trying year for us and have a wonderful holiday respite from everything else.


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Cliff's Wife

This morning aret coffee I was called away because my wife had been taken to the emergency room at Lady Minto hospital. /She had an accidental fall in the kitchen of our home while talking with her son and daughter in law. A really fluke event where she was backing up and tripped up before anyone could feach her. She has been dealing wth health issues and we were all concerned. She was bright and perky when I arrived at the ER but sore in the spot she damaged. The doctor examined the damaged… Continue

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Show sitting

[I  have always sat our eclectic vision shows as often as I could and even asked to be "on call" if someone could not make it, Sadly I will have to vacate the times I had signed up for this year because I have another commitment with my wife who is seriously ill. I thought I had mentioned this to Wendy and Jana but perhaps they did not understand what I was saying. A thousand pardons and I hope there will be coverages in my absence. It is a great experience - even if you do not have images…


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Photo op

The super yacht "INVADER' (for those of YOUthat enjoy picturing. Boats) just entered tha Ganges HARBOR. THESE BOATS SOMETIMES COME FOR A SHORT VISIT OR STAY A FEW DAYS IT IS 162 FT


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Saturday 21st reminder

Just a reminder for anyone that has missed it - tomorrrow is  the day for the  "Around the island yacht race held annually here. Great photo ops at any beach or dock around the island - looks like nice weather so a great opporunity for all shutterbugs. 

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Reminder of Take Down of Exhibit

The take down of Margaret Bennmore's September exhibit in the Deli at GVM will be done by Margaret at 7 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 30 2015.

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Exhibition Hanginfg ni the Deli at GVM

A reminder that we will be hanging our September exhibition in the Deli at GVM at 7 PM on Monday, Aug. 31, 2015. Doug MacMillan has agreed to help and Margaret Benmore is the photographer.

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Reminder for the GVM Deli exhibit takedown

Just a short reminder that Friday, July 31 is the day we take down our exhibit in the deli at country Gorcer. We  take our images down at 7:00 PM.and Doug McMllan has vlunteered to help Elehna and I. 

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REMINDER -GVM Deli hanging for the month of July 2015.

In the month of July 2105 our club's Hanging will be by Elehna De Sousa. It will take place at 7:00 PM an Tuesday, June 30, 2015. 

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Update for the GVM Deli exhibitions

The current listings are bnow:

May - Doug Wahlsten

July - Elehna

September - Margaret Benfield

leaving the month of November the only month not spoken for.

The management says they have now scheduled - in the near future - to repaint the walls in the Deli and have new hardware for the hangings. We are very thankful for their continurd interest and support.

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Happy Valentines Day

It  is late but before the day is over I want to wish the happiest Valetines Day to all the Ladies in our club. I am sure you all have been as inspring to your Valenetines as you have been to me!


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