Hi Friends
I was so saddened to read the email about Bob last night. I'm half way across the US, driving to Iowa to put our house there on the market.
The day I left SSI, I knew Id never see Bob again; I chose to send my love and admiration to him through the ether instead of seeing him one last time after EV came down because at that time, his life was a bit in flux and I didn't need to complicate it.
Now I find I must send love and support, sympathy and my care and admiration, through the ether again to all of you.....please let the Club know I'm with you/them, Wendy, all of us who loved Bob, even though my body is elsewhere.  As his is too now....Farewell Dear Bob! I enjoyed knowing you so much--you enriched my life and injected wonderful joy on every occasion of our meeting. Thank you for being exactly you! Always kind, always supportive and encouraging in reference to my photography practice, always fun and interesting as a fellow human! Happy Trails, dear Bob!

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