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Restart meetings


I would like to restart meetings.  I say that without knowing:

1. With social distancing of 2 metres, what is the capacity of the Harbour House room?

2. What is the normal attendance at a club meeting?

I miss seeing fellow club members, the educational programs and the monthly themed slide show.

I am willing to assist helping arrange the room with proper social distancing and with putting chairs away.  I am also alright with wearing a mask…


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What kind of camera?

At last night's club meeting, many of us were curious about David Ellingsen's camera, settings, etc.

It reminding me of this article:

That said, David's comments about how he uses his camera helped me.


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Wedding Photographers wanted

A friend of mine, Martha Taylor, is Salt Spring Island's newest marriage commissioner.  She would like to have a list of wedding photographers and their contact information to provide to couples planning a Salt Spring wedding.  She cannot accept a fee for referral, but would appreciate a thank you.

If you are interested: email Martha Taylor.

Please do do answer this blog posting as I am not monitoring…


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5 day sea otter photo workshop opportunity

For club members from two years ago you will remember the excellent educational program by Isabelle Groc.  Isabelle is a world famous wildlife photographer and naturalist who lives in Vancouver and on SSI.

She will be leading a five-day sea otter photo tour on the west coast of Vancouver Island June 24-28.  This is open to a maximum of four people.  A credit to our club that she is inviting Club…


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For Street Photography Group and all members - fun read

As most of you may know, PM Trudeau and family were in Revelstoke, BC for New Year holidays.  Here is the local press' efforts at being paparazzi.  Gave me a good chuckle and I wish you the same.

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Free stuff

Memory card wallet

Band made to prevent zoom lens creep

Free (not a 30 day trial) 

  Corel Paint Shop Pro x9

  Corel After shot Pro 3

  Corel Video editor 3.0

  Corel Painter Essentials 5.0

Camera Hand grip

Email me if you want any of this stuff

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Osman Phillips show

Go to …


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To Bob from Maggie

Hi Friends

I was so saddened to read the email about Bob last night. I'm half way across the US, driving to Iowa to put our house there on the market.

The day I left SSI, I knew Id never see Bob again; I chose to send my love and admiration to him through the ether instead of seeing him one last time after EV came down because at that time, his life was a bit in flux and I didn't need to…

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Visit a camera manufacturing plant

Here is a video of Sony cameras being assembled.  In Thailand.  Vast majority of workers shown are women.

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Tripod wanted by Student

Jenna Aston, a former sponsored student and active member, is now studying at UBC.  She is looking for a tripod.  Either reasonably priced or one that is gathering dust and needs a young person to use it.  I do not know if weight is an issue.  Jenna's mother, Holly, told me that she comes home to SSI monthly and can make contact on her next visit.

If you have a tripod looking for a youthful home, please email her at:

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Holiday Party Thanks

Thank you Madam President for organizing our holiday party.  It was wonderful.

Lots of wonderful edible treats.

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Congrats to former Photo Club member

Congratulations to former club member AJ George on his appointment as Salt Spring Island's Fire Chief.  AJ was one of the early members who was an active participant in Eclectic Visions.  He sat his share of shows.   I hope someday he once again has time for photography.  

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Doug Wahlsten

Congratulations to Doug.  He placed sixth in the 100 meter dash in his age group (70-74) at 55+ BC Games last week.

Doug is always foregoing Monday coffee for training.  

Keep flexing those muscles, young man!!!!

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March 9 Presentation - Jana

March 9, Regular Club meeting presentation

Jana Zachariou

How does Jana, our latest prize winning photographer do it?  Turns out that she has a wealth of skills and methods to share.  We all have had the opportunity to witness her love of Sunrise/Sunset photos plus vivid landscapes on this website.

From: Fiddler on the Roof

Sunrise, sunset

Sunrise, sunset

Swiftly fly the years...."photograph…


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Field trip opportunity with Simon

Camera uses, tripods, flash and ambient lighting in the outdoors


A Simon Henson led field trip on Salt Spring Island.  This educational experience will focus on technical aspects of outdoor photography.


Date:  Saturday 28 May

Time:  9-11:30 AM

Fee: $20


Maximum number of participants:  eight SS Photo Club members


If the weather necessitates cancelling the field trip, there will be no substitute offered, so…


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Two good articles worth reading

Going to photo an event: wedding, sports, party, any group activity

Want to photo through a window?…


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Willow Sky McDonald

Willow Sky has an exciting show at Barb's which comes down on Monday.  She has sold 4 pieces.

Furthermore she is moving to Victoria in April where she intends to pursue her photography incluing taking some courses.

She works at Barbs.  Say hello.  She is one of the successful GISS students sponsored by the Photo Club

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Conservation/wildlife photography

Our guest speaker in April or May is Isabelle Groc.  More on her later.  In the meantime, she has asked if I would post those request for donation.

I am working on a new film project with the Wilderness Committee, called Toad People. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the film, and we have a week left to meet our goal. Please take a look at the trailer and the campaign when you have a moment and see if you can share among your…

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Susan Huber Video

As those of you who were able to be at our last regular meeting know, Susan Huber gave us an inspirational presentation.  She is a teacher and sharer.  Here is a video of her in Finland teaching the use of large format film cameras.  The words in the video were written by Susan.  For those of us that are strictly into digital, a look back at film is an inspiration in of itself.  Photography has an interesting history.…


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