Happy New Year to all.... the Portlock Portable was a babble of photographers on Wednesday evening. It seems everyone is excited about the new toys they got over the holidays, and the thought of a new year of shooting and playing together.... 

1.  Opening remarks:  Curt Firestone (El Presidento) opened the meeting with thanks to the outgoing excecutive for their hard work and dedication to the development of the club.  Tom James has been Treasurer, Membership, and founder and all round good guy since the beginning.  While Avril Kirby has carried the PR role for a number of years.  Both have done a great job and their efforts are appreciated by all.  

2.. Election of Executive:  There was a strange cute little election process which found the new Excecutive of the SS Photography Club to be: 

     Patricia Page -  Treasurer and Membership

     Margaret C. Benmore - Secretary

     Wendy Rosier - Public Relations

     Curt Firestone --- continuing on bravely as El Presidento

It seems terms of office are - as long as you can stand it, someone else wants it, or you move off island...   But it is healthy for the organization to not burn out it's volunteers and to involve as many members as possible so that we can get to know each other better and learn to play together. 

3.  Executive Vacancies: There was a request for two other positions to be filled and any volunteers would be welcomed with open arms.  The position of VP is basically to cover the meeting for Curt while he is basking in the southern sun of Mexico in March and November.  The other position is that of education coordinator -- someone to organize educational events for the clubs, with the help of other members... Both these roles are important to the continuation of the club and anyone who wants to join the fun executive team please let us know.  

4.  Announcements

     Ramona Lam is holding a show at the Fernwood Cafe called "Rust & Blossom" there will be an

               open house on Sunday Jan. 14th --- the show runs until Feb. 14th 

     Anna McColmn spoke about the Velco Village opportuntities: 

             a)  TJ's Coffee House will be a hanging a bike themed selection of photos submitted by

                 members of the club.  (Don't forget the March meeting theme is bikes or bike related)

             b) Artspring will be the centre of the Velco activity and we have been invited to show on

                 the walls of the main galleries... the floor space will be used for other purposes, but the

                walls will be blank and available...  (June 19-25) great opportunities for us all... contact

                Anna or Curt for information. 

5.  Educational Event:  Simon Henson as generously offered to facilitate an evening workshop/shoot for those interested in night shooting and resolving some of the frustrations that we have been encountering.... Jan. 25 at 7:00 pm at the Portlock Portable - it will be a mixture of hands on, discussion and actual content.  Bring camera, tripod, lights and a Flask (of tea of course) 

6.  Roasters Cafe (Country Grocers) Brian and Karen Hartley:  thanked Avril for her assistance in hanging the show presently at Roasters Cafe (good show - go take a look) and they are looking for 2 or 3 people to help them hang the March show... keep the work coming i,  there are quite a few shows in the Roaster's Cafe coming up.

7.  ArtSpring Lobby show of the Best of the Best is hanging until the end of this month --- Bob Rogers was commenting on it getting good traffic.  Also thanks to Bob and his crew, especially Wendy's keen eye, for hanging the show they did a great job. 

8.  Art Group - Doug McMillin - asked for and received permission to go ahead with an exciting new corner on our website... it is a group that will be sharing/discussing photographs of other forms of art that they are playing with, be it painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry or cake decorating... any artistic expression that you want to share.... This will give us all some more insight into the personalities and talents within our club.... Come on join the fun... Doug started it off with some wonderful drawings that he has done... who knew.... 

9.  Educational Event at the next club meeting on Feb. 8, 7:00 pm  Portlock Portable will be a presentation by the Southend  professional photographer Ron Watts.  He will discuss his work and his approach to photography and there will be a Q&A

10. Other potential Educational Events are: 

    -  A Saturna photographer who specializes in wedding and portrait photography 

    -  Martin Cooper, from Burnaby - a wildlife photographer. 

11.  Eclectic Vision (the Club's annual show at ArtSpring) will be from June 1-18 - this covers 3 weekends.   It was decided that Bob Rogers will be the hanger for the show this year and his word will be final --- however he does need lots of helpers... so come on out and help -- it is fun... 

12.  Presentation on Presentation --- it was noted that we have had a few workshops and sessions on presentation of our work and that maybe we should consider our collective presentation style.  There was a great deal of backing and forthing between the "traditional white mat and black frame" camp and the "lets leave it to the individual" camp.  Both presenting good points and in the fashion of the democracy of the club it was decided to leave well enough alone and leave to individuals how to present their work and those that want the more traditional approach can follow that path.... everyone wins..  Shaun brought up an excellent point - the title of our main show is Eclectic Vision -- lets enable the eclectic approach to presentation too....

13.  Community Education Opportunities:  Curt brought forward some discussion of the opportunities for the Club to offer some educational expertise to the general public.  Either in tandem with Eclectic Vision or as a stand alone separate event.  Basically to assist beginners and new camera owners in getting comfortable with their gear and photography in general.  There was discussion of using the Master Gardener model during the weekends of the show -- having an "expert" on hand to answer questions from the public --

14.  Lady Minto Slideshow -- Trudy Sloan reported that she has twice been approached by staff and doctors to tell her how much everyone (Staff and patients alike) enjoy the show that Wendy Rosier has pulled together of club members work --- well done Wendy and all the contributors --- keep the photos coming to Wendy... it's out there doing good in the community... 

15.  Harbour House Wall Space -- evidently if anyone one is interested in exhibiting their work on the walls of Harbour House (Lobby and Restaurant,  I think) they should contact Nathan at Harbour House for details and infomation.  Peter Oosterweghel has just had a very successful show there... well done Peter... 

The meeting portion of the evening was concluded and Doug McMillin presented the club pictures on the theme "Shot in the Dark"    Wow what wonderful work by everyone... so many approaches to the subject and such vision...   it was a fun evening with lots of good natured chatter and bantering.. 

If I have missed anything please feel free to add it on --- or make editorial comments... 

Next Meeting Wed. Feb. 8,  2012  - 7:00 pm  Portock Portable...   there will be no slide presentation because of the expected length of the educational presentation.  

Cheers.. MCB 

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Comment by Curt Firestone on February 3, 2012 at 4:29pm

48 viewers, Margaret

Comment by Elehna de Sousa on January 17, 2012 at 10:50pm

Thanks Margaret. I don't venture out at night in the winter too much so this makes for a great ketchup.

Comment by Margaret C. Benmore on January 16, 2012 at 4:57pm

Thanks all nice to see someone is reading them....  cheers.. MCB 

Comment by Patricia Page on January 13, 2012 at 11:07am

and velocipede

Comment by Avril Kirby on January 12, 2012 at 11:02pm

Thanks Marg--entertaining as usual. (And it's Velo Village, not something that sounds like it will stick to itself...)

August minutes

Pierre introduced the new team who will help shape the Club in the future.

Simon Henson

Larry Citra

Maggie Vancik

Roger Brooks

Maureen Milburn

Ellen Vesterdal

Justene Tedder

Plus returning executive members:

Pat Page

Kahsia Hartwell

Wendy Rosier

Anna McColm

This group will infuse some new energy and direction into the Club. Feedback from club members indicates that people would like more interactive educational activities (workshops, classes, small field trips etc.) and maybe a schedule of educational opportunities ahead of time so that people can plan to attend.

The Victoria Camera Club has an external speaker every month and are willing to share their list of speakers so we can participate, at a cost of $5 a person. The club has funds to cover this at the moment. This would require using the  Zoom format (which has worked so well during this Pandemic).

Club meetings will resume in October, giving this new group time to work out their ideas for new directions.

Some people are cautious about in person meetings (because of health issues) and others are ready and able to jump back in. Maybe in person meetings and Zoom meetings can co-exist. Something to talk about.

Maureen has offered to look into a monthly newsletter with, possibly, more coverage than the website offers such as emails, using facebook etc.

Avril would like to see an improved use of the website: more posts, more comments, more helpful critiquing. We might need a refresher course to remind us how to give constructive feedback.

Doug has a show about Covid in September at the library -  in the Community Program Room. He will give a talk on September 7th at Noon. This will be previously unseen material, not the triptychs we have seen on the website.

Photosynthesis has a virtual show coming up, starting on August 31st. Some club members also belong to this photography group.

There is no theme yet for the photography challenge in October but when that is decided it will be communicated to everyone.


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