Our second meeting at Harbour House.

Curt welcomed our two newest members - Jean Panepinto and Mark Lauckner - and two guests, Brenda and Rebecca who were 'sampling the Club'.

1st item on the agenda: whether to raise the annual dues from $15 to $20. Bob Davidson proposed raising it to $25, to give the club a financial cushion, but after some discussion the club voted to settle on an increase to $20.

Pat (treasurer) reported that the club has $2,780 before dues and that the rent for the Harbour House room has already been paid for the coming year.

2nd item; whether to purchase a monitor.  It would be kept in the Harbour House room and the HH said they'd make a cabinet to house it and it would be locked. Doug had researched prices and sizes and had brought cardboard cut-outs to illustrate our size choices. The 48" screen is the standard size one sees in a pub or café and is the one used by Harbour House in the restaurant. This will cost around $750 after taxes. It was agreed that the 48" size was the right one for the club.

There were some ideas and questions yet to be worked out such as....should we charge rent if some other group wants to use the monitor? And who pays for insurance? Will it be covered under HH's insurance? Tune in to next month's meeting for the answers to these questions.

I am so tardy writing these minutes that Doug has already bought the club a flat screen TV!

3rd item. Elections: The nominees were enthusiastically elected and the Clubs new executive is now

        President - Wendy Rosier

        Vice-President - Bob Rogers

        Treasurer - Patricia Page

        Secretary - Margaret Benmore

        Education Co-ordinator - Curt Firestone

        Publicity Co-ordinator - Doug Wahlston

Curt leaped straight into his new position and told us what he'd set up for the next 3 meetings;

December - Bob Young from Apple Photo will talk about their various services.

January - Simon Henson will give a talk on lenses

February - Doug McMillan will tell us about mirrorless cameras.

The lobby show at Artspring is the next Club event. Maggie Argirio and Wendy will co-ordinate the show and keep us informed. The show will be hung on January 2nd, will stay for the month of January and will cost the Club nothing. People can submit as many images as they like and there is no size limitation - the walls are big and accommodating. Wendy, Bob and Maggie will hang the show. If you don't have anything new to show you can put up previously seen images.

Judy McPhee has a show at TJ Beans in December.

Anna McColm has a show (Snow on Salt Spring) at Fernwood Café from November 15th - December 13th.

Bob Rogers has a show at Fernwood Café from December 14th - the end of January.

Wendy will soon be putting together a show of our winter photos for Lady Minto, Harbour House and Roasting Company. TJ Beans is coming on board! John is going to get a screen for the café and would love to show our slide show and also sell the CD's (money from the CD sales goes back to the Club). Greenwoods and the Extended Care unit of the Hospital are also interested in the slide show but the financing (for monitors etc.) will be up to the Hospital Auxiliary Society. Sylvia will investigate whether the Salt Spring Foundation could supply funds for another monitor at the Hospital.

Chris Dixon gave a presentation of his framing business (Blue Door Framing) showing us all the many steps involved in framing a picture or photograph.

Next month's theme challenge  (suggested by Curt) is to combine words and a photo that tell a story. It is the season of Christmas, Hanukkah and the Solstice so maybe something along the lines of peace and/or returning light. The words can be a sentence, a few lines or a poem.

Maggie and Curt have been talking about a possible group trip to Haida Gwaii next summer. If anyone is interested please let them know. It's quite expensive both to get there (by flying to Skidegate or by ferry from Prince Rupert) and to stay there. Maggie quoted $200-a-night rates. Flying is cheaper but it would be good to have a car to get to all the photogenic places so someone needs to take a car over on the ferry.

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Comment by timothy gibbon on November 16, 2014 at 11:34pm

Thank you, Anna. And thanks to Chris for an eminently cogent presentation, spiced by the reasoned observation that traditional framing may not be quite the thing for digitally generated photos.

Comment by Curt Firestone on November 15, 2014 at 4:52pm

Well done minutes, Anna.

At the meeting, neither Maggie or I had anyone indicate interest in the Haida Gwaii trip.  A few days later, an opportunity to join an 8 day sailing trip in Haida Gwaii came to our attention.  Vincent and Maggie Argiro and Gwen & I quickly signed up.  There may be a few spaces left.  For more information, please contact Maggie.



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