2 new members, Carol and Elizabeth, were welcomed and introduced to the group.

Bob Rogers mentioned that at next months meeting we will discuss whether to proceed with the $15 monthly fee for renting a projector and screen or whether the club should buy a screen. Doug and Judy will look into the sources used by the school and the Film Festival....possibly cheaper.

There was no speaker for this meeting.

There was some further discussion on backing up our images, including the fact that if you're using Lightroom or Aperture you can transfer your images to other media as you work on them.

Bill Gardam proposed that Black and White be our theme for next month and gave a short presentation.Colour can be overwhelming and a distraction and it's a good exercise to learn to ignore it. B&W can make you more aware of other aspects in the image, such as shape, texture and tonal differences.

Greg Klassen talked briefly about his upcoming workshop this weekend. His course is less about the camera per se and more about perception.There are three basic theories of perception. Greg had looked through the clubs photos and saw that each photographer shoots inside one of these three categories. To find out what they are you have to attend his workshop!

Then we sat back and enjoyed the show.

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Comment by Curt Firestone on March 17, 2013 at 11:15am

Thank you Anna for taking this on

Comment by Avril Kirby on March 16, 2013 at 9:04am

Thanks Anna, for filling in for me who was supposed to fill in for Margaret! You did a marvellous job.



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