• A Reminder of the ArtSpring Lobby  show being hung on  Jan. 8, 2018. If you want to submit photos it must be done by Jan 4th so that tags can be made up
  • Eclectic Visions,  notice  to  be  sent  out  in  January
  • Festive  show  at  Fernwood,  on  now


Photo Op from Curt Firestone

Jim Standen, former club member and the electric vehicle lead person on SSI, is organizing an Electric Vehicle Jamboree for June 22 to 24, 2018.  That is the same week-end as Tour des Iles.  The EV Jamboree and Tour des Iles are working together with the Chamber's involvement in marketing.  The Jamboree will be held at the Farmer's Institute.

A few years back, the photo club worked with the organizers of Velo Village on a similar type of event for cyclists.  Would the Photo Club be interested in a similar opportunity this coming June.  Since Eclectic Visions will be in May this year, it leaves June open for a new opportunity.


If positive, there would need to be a person in the club to coordinate with Jim and the EV Jamboree volunteers.


So far only details to date are the dates and location.



Four  positions  in  executive  to  be  voted  on.

-           President            Pierre  Mineau 

-           Vice President   Avril  Kirby

-           Treasurer           Pat  Page

-           Secretary pool    Gwen  McDonald, Colleen Barnes Horel Margaret Benmore


Non Voted (Volunteer Help Greatly Appreciated)

-           Webmaster       Wendy  Rosier

-           Education Facilitator   Margaret Benmore (Looking for Volunteer help)


Other  Business

  • Next Month’s Challenge/Theme will be Seth Berkkowitz’s choice of   Borders  and Boundries
  • PhotoWalk  is this Sunday  Dec.  16-17. Photo Waalks will continue  in  the  New Year.
  • Painters  guild  held  a  yard  sale with Matts – if you are interested contact Bernadette Merten-McAllister
  • Avril  Kirby   has  SaltSpring  calendars  for  2018,  for  Photo  Club  members  for   $12. (regular price $15)



            The next hour was spent celebrating the season and having a great time with so much food it took 12  feet of tables to set it all up.

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Comment by Avril Kirby on December 29, 2017 at 8:35am

Thanks Wendy.

Comment by Curt Firestone on December 26, 2017 at 5:39am

Thank you Madam Past President.

Comment by timothy gibbon on December 25, 2017 at 10:26am

thank you, Wendy



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