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2020 January Lobby Show at ArtSpring…


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Montly Challenge

September's Challenge - Panoromas

Click this link to view the photos in a Dropbox folder.


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Minutes for Decmber Meeting


  • A Reminder of the ArtSpring Lobby  show being hung on  Jan. 8, 2018. If you want to submit photos it must be done by Jan 4th so that tags can be made up
  • Eclectic Visions,  notice  to  be  sent  out  in  January
  • Festive  show  at  Fernwood,  on  now


Photo Op from Curt Firestone

Jim Standen, former club member and the electric vehicle lead person on SSI, is organizing an Electric Vehicle Jamboree for June 22 to 24,…


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New Meeting Venue

For at least until June we will be meeting at the Lions Club Hart Bradley Hall 103 Bonnet Ave

Regular time  7pm - 9pm.  Starting on February 15th (3rd Wednesday-for Feb only) then back to 2nd Wednesdays from March on (Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10, jun 14)

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Hot Tea Frozen In Mid-Air -This is dedication

Stunning Photos Captured The Split Second Hot Tea Froze In Mid-Air

Near the town of Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunivut just 12 miles south of the Arctic Circle, two men took this incredible photo of hot tea flash-freezing at –31 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

For the full story and photos visit Buzzfeed at…


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Amazing Presentation by the Keoughs!

Last night we were treated to the amazing works and life story of Pat and Rosemarie Keough! 

Pat and Rosemarie are a vibrant outgoing couple whose love for photography, wilderness and adventure brought them together. They are wonderfully entertaining speakers who managed to compress 30 odd years into two insightful hours.

They taught themselves the craft of photography (yes, there is hope for the rest of us), starting with a natural eye and an instinct for a good shot and have…


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Message From Greg

To All,
This will be my last official communication to the photo club.
Due to irreconcilable differences between myself and club president, Curt Firestone, I have no option but to leave the club effective immediately.
I wish you all the best,
Greg Klassen

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Photo-Op: Search & Rescue Exercise

Salt Spring Coast Guard (with GI SAR [Land], Unit 20 from Pender and CCG hovercraft from Richmond) will be holding an integrated search and rescue exercise (SAREX).  More information on page 7 this week's edition of the Driftwood.

Saturday, March 10 starting at 10:30 at Fernwood Dock. Public and Photographers Welcome.

They would love to see what we shoot and I will follow up with Chuck Hamilton  as to where to send our best shots.



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Holiday Photos Needed

Holiday Season Shows for the Fritz and Harbour House.

Any winter/festive Holiday/Solstice/Celebration images are needed ASAP

For the Fritz...any dimension in High-resolution and no smaller than 2 mega pixels. 

For the Harbour House - Horizontal only and High-Resolution (as you shot it)

Get your shots to me before November 25th

Email Wendy at:     wrosier at gmail dot com

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Photos Needed for Harbour House Monitor Project

Hi Everybody,

The Harbour House Monitor Project has been a big hit - thanks to everyone who contributed wonderful Spring images.   Harbour House really likes that they have "Local" images for their guests and they have asked us to continue with  new images.

So here is what we need:

1)   Your best, crisp/clear images of Salt Spring and the Gulf Islands. Any season. Any subject.                   Closeup or long shot as long as…


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New Updates - Harbour House Project

April 2 Update.

We are just waiting on Harbour House to get the connections. Thanks to the many submissions I have been able to create two 25 minute discs.  I have New Short update links....  

Disc #1 


Disc #2



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