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June 13, 2012  - Minutes


1.  Opening remarks: Curt gave some quick comments on the EV – things are going very well and it is being received by the viewers with a great deal of enthusiasm and delight.  It is varied and wonderful…. Everyone should be proud….

2.  New Members were introduced and welcomed:  Marguerite Lee, Gerardine Charlton, Monika Huser, Juliana Slomka, Douglas Wahisten and Bill McMahon.   The little club just keeps growing and getting more interesting --- welcome all - come on jump in and play with us. 


3.  Announcements/Opportunities: 

         Embe’s Bakery Café:  the manger’s of Embe’s are looking for some frame images for their Sub Shop next door to the bakery…  See Dave Bartels blog on the website – go for it all – it is another opportunity.


            Fernwood Cafe:  

         Jennifer is always looking for people to fill her Photo wall with beautiful images for month long shows.  Each show will be of about 10 images, will have a month of display time with an opening coffee klatch opening… great opportunity in a lovely location…

Contact Jennifer Shaw  or drop by the Fernwood Café –


         Velo Village: (Bikes)

         Images are to be to Anna at ArtSpring for April 19th 9:30 am

Hanging Day is June 19th – the day after Eclectic Visions comes down…. Anna is looking for volunteers to hang, distribute and help out… let her know if you are going to be available to give a hand…

Pick up of work will be on June 25th 10:00 am


 a) TJ's Coffee House is hung with more Bike pictures from club members, including a student participant.  It’s looking great Anna.   

 b) ArtSpring will be the centre of the Velo activity and club members will be showing on the walls of the main galleries...

 c) Fernwood Café – is now showing Bike pictures by club various members… just had a wonderful Sunday breakfast treat there and saw the show – it is lovely and captures essence of Bike’ness well…. Good work every one….

 d)  Embe’s Bakery Café --- more images required, here too…


             Other Opportunities:

           Roasters Café:  (Country Grocers)

         The next show is August…  anyone interested in showing there Please contact Cliff Kelly – it takes about 6 images and can be a solo or combined show….

            Eclectic Vision (the Club's annual show at ArtSpring):

         June 1-18  has been very successful with good attendance (over 600 as of today) and a wonderfully eclectic collection of images.   It is a beautiful representation of so many different perspectives on photography….well done to all of the participants and volunteers who worked to make the show happen….

Don’t forget to pick up your work on Monday June 18th between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m.


          Lady Minto, and Harbour House Slideshows:

         Wendy Rosier reports our next project, collecting Summer and Fall or whatever shots for a new slideshow/video to add to the Harbour House and Lady Minto monitors, we need horizontal (landscape) images.  They should be 1920 px x 1080 px at least and saved in high quality (100%) Jpeg file format.  When you have something to send in, email Wendy at


          Harbour House Wall Space Opportunity:  Sam Lightman is showing at Harbour House from June 3 to June 30: large format, photo-based digital-art abstracts that demand attention and reward the viewer.

         There is still an opportunity for anyone interested in exhibiting their work at Harbour House (Lobby and Restaurant, I think) they should contact Nathan at Harbour House for details and information


         Roasting Company:  will be exhibiting on the screen the bike themed show we had a couple of months ago – in keeping with the Velo Village activities…


         Lavendar Festival:  July 15 from 10-5.  They are looking for photographers to capture images of this years 10th anniversary  festival.  There will be a Medieval Theme encompassing demonstrations, costumes, music, dance and of course yummy food.  The festival takes place at 401 Musgrave Rd…. still on the paved part.  It is always a lovely day to feel the magical charms of SaltSpring …  see the events notice on the website.


         Fire and Rescue Training Day:  This July will be another great opportunity to shoot the action and profiles of firefighters from all over BC.  There is a huge array of courses being held at the GISS and out and about the island, if you would like an opportunity to have this behind the scenes photoshoot please let me know.

Please confirm with me if you are interested and I will forward you more info closer to the date.  (July 12-13-14-15)  EMAIL me at 


3.  Educational Events: 

         Cliff Kelly is trying to get some idea of the numbers of people who would be interested in doing a Playdate to the Duncan Raptor’s Centre… and/or Philp Bensen’s model train outfit up on Twinflower Road.   Number of people, availability, weekends/weekdays?  If you are interested let Cliff know when you are available… There is a blog on the Website….

Does anyone have any suggestions for future Educational events – so far we have had wonderful presentations and they are all very instructive and inspiring...  If you have any ideas contact any of the Exec. We will point it in the right direction…. , ,


July’s Educational Presentation: as yet there is nothing planned – any ideas or contacts welcome --- 


4.  Special Motion:   to add a new classification of membership to the club…. The Honourary Member: basically a member who is departing the island/club who has made a significant to the life and vibrancy of the club.  It was passed unanimously and this years recipient was also voted the honour.  (bending the rules just a bit… but for the greater good)


5.   Farewell Potluck for Trudy Sloan:  Trudy is leaving the island for the big leagues in Comox… and we want to send her off with love and affection.  Wendy Rosier will be hosting a potluck at her lovely home in the Southend --- come, bring food, drink and your camera – help us send Trudy off with good SaltSpring karma….  200 Bay Ridge Place – Beaver Point Area….  June 22 from 5-10 or so…


6.  Next Meeting: Wed. July 11, 2012 - 7:00 pm Portock Portable... - A debriefing for this years Eclectic Visions will be held before the next meeting (6:30) on July 11 – it is for all participants and those who might want to exhibit in the future… we will be discussing the good, the bad and the we can do it better and/or differently. Bring a snacky dinner or coffee and your ideas/opinions and share the experience…

The theme of the June meeting will be  “ Trying Scannography ”.   Forward your 2 images to Doug as soon as possible as this is going to take some creativity on his part to choreograph.


7.  Evening’s Member’s Show --- we didn’t have a member’s show at this meeting due to the length of the education presentation.  But will resume it at the next meeting… so don’t forget to get yours in to Doug…


8.  Educational Event: Our guest speaker this month was Janet Dwyer on the Art and Mysteries of Scannography… it was wonderful!  Very stimulating and informative – a whole new way of making images.   There was lots of discussion, laughter and you could hear the imaginations running wild in the group…  It was so interesting to see the growth of an image, through the different phases and treatments until it came to its final (for the moment anyway) state.  Janet is a fun, lively and interactive presenter who obviously is having a great deal of fun with her creations.    Thanks Curt for getting her for us… It was really inspirational… Now let me at the scanner…      


If I have missed anything please feel free to add it on --- or make editorial comments...  and corrections… this is a participatory sort of Minutes thing  … thanks.   

Cheers… MCB 

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Comment by Curt Firestone on June 17, 2012 at 9:12pm

One small change.  The Eclectic Visions debrief will now start at 6PM on July 11th before the next general meeting.  I love that some members are already into scanography.  

Comment by Avril Kirby on June 23, 2012 at 8:24am

Well done, as usual, Marg!


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