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Great shape small fixed lens camera for sale.

A victoria photographer friend of mine has a great Nikon Coolpix P900 for sale on Used Victoria.

Check it out if you are interested. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/Nikon-P900_32023215

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Tis the season for snow

Here is a link to some interesting photography of snowflakes. It seems do-able by any of us. Something to try.


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Warning: Super bad computer virus found on Salt Spring.

A close friend of mine has been attacked with a "Cryptolocker" type trojan virus which has locked up (encrypted) ALL of his photos. Please read the following link info. Make sure you do a "cold storage" of your files on a removable storage device/s that are not regularly attached to your computer or you might be in for a nasty suprise of losing ALL your photos if this virus gets in your machine.…


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Requests for photos for display at Embe Bakery.

I have received a request from the owners of Embe Bakery for photos to hang in their sub shop. They don't have a HD tv but have a bit of wall space for framed photos if anyone is interested. I said that I would put the word out to the photo club to see if anyone is  interested.

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Focusing Screen (split screen focus?)

For those of you who are having trouble getting your images focused when using manual, you can change the focusing screen to a split screen, like the older SLR cameras used to have. It requires dextarity and a clean environment but can be done at home. Screens run about $40 - $80 depending on type of camera. This does not affect the auto focusing of the camera but replaces the screen that is supposed to assist you in seeing if the image is in focus. I am not affiliated with any of the…


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Coffee shop discussions:

What happens in a digital camera when you adjust the ISO?
From the internet I have found this description:

If you are using a digital camera, changing the ISO changes the amount of signal amplification and this affects the amount of digital noise in your images. You therefore do not want to change ISO to
simulate dialing in an exposure compensation.

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Printing photos on canvas

Though I have no affiliation with London Drugs:

They have an ad for printing your photos on canvas for the following prices:

12" x 18" for $27.99

16" x 20" for $38.99

18" x 24" for $49.99

For those who would like the photo stretched on a frame (gallery mount)

12" x 18" for $59.99

16" x 20" for $79.99

18" x 24" for $99.99

Plus, of course, the Provincial Electronics Recycling Environmental Levy.

Turn around is 5 - 7… Continue

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