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Comment by Avril Kirby on August 1, 2019 at 7:11pm

I should at least have noticed that it's all capitalized!

Comment by Doug McMillin on July 31, 2019 at 6:02pm

I like your choice of B&W for an item about newspapers.


About the NG logo design, first note that they always use only upper case, in two font sizes, and much-reduced line spacing. This is a real one, from last March:


The exact typeface is hard to find, but it is a 'condensed' variation I think. Mine, Nueva Std Condensed, is a bit too condensed, and it lacks the curl of the 'R' leg:


Current alignment: The first leg of the 'N' aligns with the back of the 'E' below, and the back of the 'L', with the space between 'H' and 'I' below. In the past NG used an even smaller NATIONAL compared to GEOGRAPHIC, as well as a typeface with a non-curly 'R' leg:


Their overall placement on the page is invariably at the top, with varying font size changes. Only once in a long while do they use any colour but black or white; pale grey once or twice to accommodate the photo.



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