Recent Meeting, June 9

Presentation by Cole Thompson:

Why Black and White?

Cole Thompson argued that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject (except unicorns). He showed work from his various portfolios, interspersed with his personal photographic philosophies and he emphasized more than a few times that his "most important photographic tool" was Vision.

Thank you, Cole; your images are inspiring and your presentation was lucid.


Member Slideshow: Macro Photography

Untitled macro photograph by Bernadette Mertens-McAllister


Challenge for July: Vision

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”
Ansel Adams

Cole Thompson spoke at our last meeting about his most important photographic tool, Vision, and he tried to describe what that meant. The importance of Vision over Equipment in photography is a subject much-discussed by acolytes, but the tasks of discovering one's Vision and following it are not easily undertaken. Vision cannot be taught, cannot be learned from books. It is personal.

Our challenge is to approach our personal Vision and illustrate it in some sharable way. The early stages of one's search often include goals of admiration and praise, perhaps reinforced by profit, but what do you do photographically that pleases you most? Do you want your work to say something you feel passionate about or is a deep part of you, as opposed to just “looking pretty"? (Of course, making pictures that look pretty and sell well might be part of your wider vision.)

You may want to begin by reading one of Cole Thompson's blogs on the subject, but do not take anything he says as Gospel. He wouldn't do that. It's one of his strengths. 


Photographic Events in the Time of COVID




Message from the Club President (2020)

Original broadcast regarding club activities during COVID-19 (as posted in early 2020)


In Memoriam - Derek Wilkinson

At Jean Wilkinson's request, all of Derek's photos (39) have been reloaded to an In Memoriam page in his name so these last 39 "new" postings are re-postings from Derek's old page. I apologize for flooding the main page with one photographer's work. To compensate, any photographer can now upload up to 3 images a day.

Thanks for your understanding.


Wendy (Site Webmaster)



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