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Dear Photography club member,

Firstly, I hope all of you have enjoyed our first digital Eclectic Visions. If you have not or if it has been a while since you have seen it, make sure you go to our website where Jana has put a link to the show. While it perhaps wasn’t as much fun as a show in the flesh with a free glass of wine, I think you will all agree that Jana did a superlative job and that we owe her another big round of thanks.  

I had been holding out sending this note to everyone thinking that … maybe… we might have resumed our meetings by now. However, it is clear that indoor meetings may still not be a good idea … at least while tourists are coming on to the island in large numbers and until we know whether there will be resurgence of cases in the fall. I am wondering whether we need to rethink our club a little bit and see whether we could not have more outdoor activities of the photo walk type. If we kept numbers low (i.e. maybe we ask people to register and cap attendance) there is no reason we cannot go out and keep safe distances from each other. Harbour House phoned me to enquire about our wish to return …. but I didn’t feel I was up to arranging safe distancing for an indoor meeting and I have therefore not communicated a return date to them. Having said that, I don’t want to be the one to decide for everyone so, please, if you feel strongly one way or the other, do let me know by email … or perhaps start a discussion on our website. If you think you might enjoy more photo walks, please say so and perhaps some members will step forward and volunteer to take on an outing.

In the meantime, I hope you are staying safe and getting some comfort in the great ‘anthropopause’. Personally, I have tried to force myself to get reacquainted with my backyard … taking my camera out several times a week and trying to pay more attention to my immediate surroundings. I have been posting regularly but … to my shame often forget to post on our club site. I have noticed that very few photos are going up on the site these days. I can only guess that the club being ‘out of sight’ is also ‘out of mind’ for most members.  This might be another reason for us to revive the photo walk idea. Perhaps some of you are taking the opportunity to improve your website – I know I have! I have also enjoyed looking at the wonderful photography that has come out of the pandemic (there are very creative people out there who won’t let four walls limit their creativity) and have also indulged in a few photography webinars.

If you have not seen it, Harbour City’s (this is the Nanaimo club) Photosalon 2020 has also been posted online. I had a few photos accepted – am not sure whether other club members are represented. You can find that show at  The Photosynthesis group on island is also preparing an online show and the virtual Sooke Art show has just gone up as well:

There are many other shows/competitions accessible on line. There is some truly awe-inspiring photography out there. Some of these links (I am only including a few) will take you down some photographic rabbit holes that will get you inspired and motivated. (A big thank you to Curt Firestone who pointed some of these out to me!) Happy browsing.



International landscape photographer of the year:

The Siena International Photo Awards:

The Audubon Photography Awards:

Comedy wildlife photography:

Underwater photographer of the year:

Finally, the Royal BC museum in Victoria is showing the annual wildlife photography show until 7 September. There are special directions to be followed; you have to book.


Pierre Mineau


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