I’m writing to the PhotoSynthesis group to let you know that Bob Rogers passed away yesterday (July 4th) at Lady Minto Hospital, though I’m sure many of you will have heard by now. 

Bob was an important part PhotoSynthesis, especially in the early days. As the facilities manager at ArtSpring he would arrive during the day of our setup, staying until the lights were focussed just right for us and helping with the hanging. Bob knew that we photographers were very picky about how our images were displayed, and he spent the time to make sure the lights were set up properly. He told me once that photographers were a bit of pain in the neck because we would notice immediately when a bulb had burnt out in the gallery rooms, and send someone to track him down to get the burnt bulb changed as soon as possible. Of course, being a photographer himself - and good one - he would know!  He also managed to keep the lighting system in the gallery rooms at ArtSpring in good order despite not being able to order more parts as they had been discontinued quite a while ago. Ironically as I write this there are electricians in those rooms replacing those lights with a brand new and improved system. I believe Bob would have approved.

I also knew Bob from my time on the ArtSpring Board, as I was often in the building and helping out with something or another, or just hanging around. He had been with ArtSpring for a long time, and was a big part of that family.

Bob then went on to help create the Photography Club here on the island. Members of the Club were very involved in helping to look after him in his final days. If you see Wendy Rosier especially make sure to give her a big hug.

I am going to miss Bob … next time I’m at the Salt Spring Inn I’m going to have a beer and salute him.


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Comment by Margaret C. Benmore on July 5, 2017 at 9:16pm

lovely note Seth... Bob was a good man, with a great eye and a love for his community... he will be missed but he will also be a big part of photography on the island... it was his passion and he shared it freely with his skills and talent... he taught us all... many lessons... and not just about the technical side of the game... loving thoughts to all who knew him and hugs all around... 


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