As the Monday morning shoots have not been overly popular, I'd like to switch gears and suggest that we go for a shoot after Monday Coffee/Breakfast at Penny's. How on that? 

The suggestion for this week is to Carpool from the Golf Club and go to Sacred Mountain Lavender which is open to the public. Obviously lots of flowers to shoot and I understand that there are several trails with good birding. 401 Musgrave Road, Salt Spring Island

There has also been the question "wondering if any club members have locations for shoots at their home and property" and may may be willing to offer to host? 

We will be hosting a Club BBQ at some point at our house later this summer and we may be treated to the many deer in the field of an evening or maybe a spectacular sunset that we enjoy so often. 

If you have a location that would suit a photo shoot, please let me know. 

CU Monday for coffee.



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