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              September 2023 Newsletter




 Our Next Meeting:

This was the last meeting at the Library Programme Room for a while as the Club will now have Zoom meetings until the Spring. The exception is the December meeting when we will meet in person at the Library Programme Room to socialize (and eat and drink) and watch our slide show.


Show Opportunities:

Country Grocer Café;  

John de Bruyn is showing photos this month.

Pat Page will show some of hers in November.

2024: January - Anna

          March -  Judy

          May    -  Howard

          July     -  Johanne

          September and November are available.

Coffee paraphernalia is taking up more and more of the allocated space so take a look at the wall before deciding on sizes to print.


Members showing their photos:

Judy is showing her Still Life photos at Mateada; they are scattered around the restaurant, in the main room and in the hallways.

Howard Fry is showing some of his work at SS Roasting Company Coffee Shop from Oct 9th _  end of November.


January Artspring lobby show:

Wendy will give us updates closer to the time. Members can show 2  photos - sometimes more depending on the number of people taking part. There is no theme - another Eclectic show! This costs the Club around $65 (not per person, just a cost the Club finances absorbs). If you send Wendy more than 2 images please let her know your preferences in case she can't accommodate them all.



Country Grocer save-a-tape Programme:

The latest cheque (1% of receipt amounts) is $91. To date, since we started this programme, we have received $1,668 from Country Grocer. This helps with room rentals, Show entry fees, advertising, paying guest speakers etc. A big Thank You to all the members who put their receipts in box #62. You make a difference.


Crown Framing, at #2 - 111 Robinson Road, is offering club members a 10% discount all year long. Frames, mattes etc.   email:    phone: 250 931 2122


BC/Yukon Series:

Pierre recommended renewing our BC/ Yukon Inter-club Speaker Series membership. Their talks will be available to members for a small price ($5 approx.) and Pierre will give us the info if we sign up for it again. Good talks. Good value.

He also suggested contacting someone in this collaborate group (around 30 clubs take part) to ask for recommendations for approachable speakers we could use, as part of our Zoom education section.


Eclectic Visions summary:

We lost money this year! Fewer people entered the show. Cards did not sell as well as previous years. The total amount of photos sold was $2800 and some of those were multiple sales. Kahsia, for example, sold her remarkable train image 4 times. The rent for the Gallery 8 room is $1800. Advertising costs were $880. Next year the costs will be a bit less as we can save $350 by using the same advertising template and just change the dates.

Country Grocer, Thrifty and CG Liquor Store provided the food and wine at no cost to us. More great community support.

We would like to keep the entry fee at $70 but need more members to participate next year or else the fees will have to go up.

A suggestion was made to team up never-shown-before members with experienced members, to mentor and encourage and help.

We have 5 sandwich boards that are in need of some TLC - paint and repair.  Sometime before Eclectic Visions I would like to have a work party to fix them up and maybe get another one made?  If we have any members with carpentry skills - or just have access to making a sandwich board and help out that would be great.



Ideas for future talks/projects:

Susan Huber would like to initiate a photo walk. Contact her, if interested, at -

Judy mentioned Liron Gertsman as a possible speaker. He lives in Vancouver and is a 21-year-old, award winning, nature and conservation photo journalist in BC. His cost is $150. You can look at his work at

Liron Gertsman Photography

Liron Gertsman is a 21 year old nature photographer and conservation photojournalist based in British Columbia, Canada.

Claudia Schroder-Adams has offered to give the club a slideshow and talk about her work. She is a paleontologist and a Geology Professor.

Bernadette would like to know how to scan old photos. A suggestion was to check out, an on-line photo editing programme.

A suggestion was to bring back Chris Dixon to talk about framing and photo prep - maybe at a meeting before one of the shows (January Lobby show or June Eclectic Vision show).


The Presentation of the Evening:

Howard Fry showed some of his Vancouver shots taken in 1975. A digital time capsule, they gave a strong feeling and impression of the city at that time in its life. 


The theme for next month:  'Street Scene'.


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