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                 October 2023 Newsletter




Country Grocer Cafe:

It's a great space to promote your work and you only need 3 - 5 images.  If you are interested, please sign up for showing at Country Grocer with Anna @  annagarika@hotmail.com or myself at jhmcphee@shaw.ca.    Some have even sold their images while having their work on the walls.  Anna or myself will be happy to help you hang your show.

Those scheduled to show and months still available are:

November 2023- Patricia Page

January - Anna 

March - Judy

May - Howard

July - Johanne

Sept - Claudia  

November - still open


Showing this month is Howard at Salt Spring Coffee Cafe until end of November


New Members:  Claudia Schroder-Adams, Ramona Lam


Next Month:  If we can't get Liron Gertsman we will watch some of David duChemin's video on 'The Heart of Photography'  He is a world and humanitarian photographer, author and international photographic advent.  The meeting will be via Zoom meetings 7 - 9 pm


December – Social in-person get-together at the Library 7-9 

Discussion to invite the photosynthesis group to join us for the social and if they would like to contribute to the slideshow.  (If we have one)  request no Christmas theme - open  -        All agreed to invite the group.


January is Lobby show at ArtSpring  - more info to come via Wendy in early November


BC/Yukon series:

Pierre mentioned that it will cost us $1.20 per member - 72 x 1.2 = $86.40 total for club.  The meetings are via Zoom and all members will get a link to the meetings. Dates are not known yet.  Please attend if you can, they tend to have great speakers.


Education Presentation:  Our presenter tonight was Stephen Morris, a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto. He resides in Vancouver.     https://www.physics.utoronto.ca/~smorris/  

To see Stephen’s presentation to the Club, follow this Link


Next  Month’s Theme:  Patterns


Meeting was recorded.  See Wendy for details.




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