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                   May 2023  Newsletter





Guild Show

The show runs from May 24th - 28th.

Drop of photos on Tuesday 23rd 1 - 4pm. Please get them to the hall as early as possible (closer to 1 than 4) so they can be hung soon and not have to compete for wall space. Avril and Judy are helping Charlie to hang.

All work must be labelled and priced.

Opening night is Wed 24th 4pm - 7pm. All are welcome.



Ross is showing his work at the Roasting Company Coffee Shop.

Maggie is showing photos at Country Grocer.


Hannah will show at Country Grocer in July and Anna will show in November.

September is available. Contact Judy ( or Anna ( if interested.


Club monthly meetings:

June's meeting (June 7th) will be at Gallery 8, upstairs - 5pm 7pm. Members who are showing work at the Eclectic Visions show will explain their photos. All members of the club are welcome.

July - Howard Fry has volunteered to give a talk on Fashion Photography.


The theme for the slide show in July will be 'Fashion'  There will be no Slide Show in June


August - Susan Huber will give a talk. She uses a large format camera and is interested in platinum/palladium printing.

September - Sydney Woodward will talk on tintype photography.

October onwards will revert back to Zoom meetings.

If anyone would like to talk to the group or show some of their photography please let Judy know.

One idea is for people who have all visited one place (for example: Avril, Larry and Kahsia have all gone to Iceland) to get together and produce a collective slide show. Each photographer will have a unique perspective. 


Eclectic Visions:

The show runs from June 2nd - 15th.

Opening night is June 2nd 5pm - 7pm. 

There will be wine courtesy of Upper Ganges Liquor Store. Sparkling water will also be available.

There will be food as both Thriftys and Country Grocer have given the club $200 gift cards to buy food.

Drop off your pieces at the Gallery, upstairs, on May 31st between noon and 5pm. Put your information (artist's name and name of photo) on a sticky on the back so the hangers can match the labels to the right photo.


Fill in the forms and get your paperwork to Judy or Wendy ASAP and sign up for shifts on the Sign-up Genius site Judy sent us.

Come 5 minutes early for your shift. Most shifts are 3 ½ hours long except for shorter Sunday shifts.

Greet people when they come into the Gallery.

Mention the People's Choice Award (the prize is a $50 gift certificate at SS Inn). This can focus people's attention and they might spend a bit more time looking at and thinking about the photographs. 

Marg will count the Peoples's Choice votes at the end of the show.

Look for your name tag (in a box under the table) and wear it.

Count the cash at the beginning of your shift and again at the end. The difference should be whatever has sold!

Count the visitors as they arrive.

If you sell something write it on the sheet (in the book) and also write out a receipt.

If someone is paying with a credit or debit card write them a receipt so they can take it downstairs to Razzali. He will handle the transaction. Write it in the book!


30 posters and 100 flyers have been printed.

100 more flyers are going to be ordered. 


See you all at the shows!


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