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There are 2 shows in March:

 Colton has photos at Country Grocer and Larry and Bruce have a show at Fernwood Cafe.


10 people have signed up for the Guild Show at Artspring, April14 - 18. The 10 will have to cover 5 shifts (possibly 3 hours per shift). Judy will give us more information nearer the time.


There is a new Photoclub member; Hannah Spray. She has signed up for Eclectic Visions this year and we welcome her enthusiasm!


There was some discussion about in-person or Zoom meetings. It was decided the club would have an in-person meeting in May, at the earliest. Harbour House has increased their room rental costs to $100. Someone is looking into the possibility of a hybrid meeting where those comfortable with meeting face to face could do so and those who are not comfortable with that could watch via Zoom.


Eclectic Visions:


26 people have signed up. Plus one maybe.

Howard wondered whether to put in his portraits as he didn't think anyone would be interested in buying them and was reassured he could put a NFS sign on them. Razali does not take any commission on sold photos but takes 5% if people pay using a credit card as that involves some cost to him.

Please send a sample of your work (it doesn't have to be the pieces you will show at EV ) to Wendy ( because she needs an image to use for advertising the show and also for Photofest's advertising.




Pierre said businesses in Ganges had been contacted and photographers are encouraged to approach any business they think might offer their wall space. POD Gallery is willing.


Education Segment  


Judy shared her screen to show more lessons by Kathleen Clemons in The Art of Flower Photography.

She covered DOF (Depth of Field)

                       Selective focus

                       Composition (forget the "rules!")

                       Shooting through: putting the camera lens up close to foliage with a large aperture and your subject in sharp focus. This creates a veil of colour for the foreground. You could use gauzy fabric instead of foliage.


Monthly Challenge


Next month. Some people expressed they were done with flowers and wanted a change. Some people felt we could continue for one more (shorter) session and use next month's photo challenge to experiment with what we have learned today.

So - next month's photo challenge is, once more, flowers.


Next month's educational session will be on something different.


Kahsia mentioned going to for ideas on other photography workshops and to let her know which subjects people would like to learn more about. 

Some ideas: 

 - Fundamentals of photography by John Greengo

 - Adobe photoshop bootcamp - Jared Platt

 - Tour of LightRoom editing

 - Birds by Frans Lanting

 - Wildlife photography 

 - Mobile photography - Lisa Carney

 - Nature and Landscape - John Greengo

 - Fine Art compositing

 - Outdoor photography - Chris Burkard

 - Tabletop photography - Do Giannatti

 - Travel - Ben Wilmore

 - Night - Gabriel Biderman

 - Street Photography - Ashley Gibertson

 - Street - Steve Sweatpants.

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