Salt Spring Photography Club Newsletter

                              February 2022



 Judy McPhee will be our new president and Wendy Rosier has agreed to be vice-president.

Patricia Page continues as Treasurer.

Anna McColm continues as Secretary.

Maggie Vancik is handling Public Relations

Kahsia Hartwell is organizing the Eclectic Visions show and external speakers for the Zoom meetings.

Avril Kirby is taking over from Ellen as the Slideshow coordinator. Ellen has had to step away from this job due to another commitment on the same night every month.


5 Guild Art Show:

There is a 5 Guild art show at ArtSpring April 13th - 19th and the Club has been invited to participate. 10 people have signed up so far. The wall space will be shared with the Painter's Guild. There is no cost as an anonymous donor has paid our fee. A bit of volunteer work is required, such as setting up the show, distributing posters, manning the door etc. Masks and vaccine passports will be required to view the show.


Country Grocer Café:

There is one spot still available at the Country Grocer Cafe for showing (up to 6) photos. Contact Anna (annagarika@hotmail.com) or Judy (jhmcphee@shaw.ca) if you're interested.

March - Colton Prevost

May - John de Bryn

June - Bernadette

Sept – Pierre

Nov – free


SaltSpring Photofest:

Pierre gave us an update.

It will be scaled down this year with photography being showcased in venues in and around Ganges. So far there are the Eclectic Visions and Photosynthesis shows plus the library and the Country Grocer Cafe. Various stores are being contacted.


Eclectic Visions:

Kahsia gave us an update.

She will be sending out a rule sheet (no. of photos, sizes, dates etc.)

Razali has raised the rent for the Gallery 8 room from $1600 to $1800.

If 26 people participate she can keep the entrance fee to $70, like other years. To date, 15 people

have signed up.


Feb 28th - Kahsia needs an email showing intent to participate.

April 30th - $70 (hopefully) entrance fee to be paid ( to SS Photography Club)

May 15th - deadline for submission (for latecomers)

There will be no food and drinks this year.

Razali has requested that all frames be black. Canvas and Metal prints are OK to be hung unframed but if you want to frame them then those frames must be black.

Judy will send out a sign-up sheet for gallery sittings.

It is all right to show a photo that has been previously shown at a virtual show.


Club Dues:

Pat reminded people that Club membership fees are due. $30. patssi@shaw.ca 

You cannot enter a show unless you have paid.

27 people have paid. 6 have dropped out for various reasons.


Other Show News:

Drew Underwood is showing photos in the Artspring lobby. Opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am - 1pm and during evening events.


Educational Session:

Today's speaker was Kathleen Clemons who has been teaching the Art of Flower Photography since 2006. This course is 4 hours long. We watched the first 4 lessons (48 minutes) and next month we'll watch more lessons (an hour, approx.). Then we can decide if we'd like to watch more and when.

Judy shared her screen:

A cloudy day is best for photographing flowers as you don't want harsh light and shadows. Flowers are about line, shape, colour and texture and a shadow will introduce lines and remove texture and colour.

(Just want to say that this is subjective!)

She uses diffusers and reflectors to achieve the light she wants.

Diffusers help to reduce contrast when the light is bright.

Reflectors redirect and bounce back light.

She carries small, inexpensive accessories to help with this process. A small white umbrella, a flexible stick, tinfoil (to reflect light). a collapsible diffuser (they come in various sizes) and clothes pegs to remove intrusive foliage without damaging it and sometimes to keep stems steady.

She told us about Lensbaby - a system that allows you to insert and use different optics to a base lens. An 'Optic Swap system'.

All the lenses are manually focused and she recommends experimenting a lot. There is a steep learning curve.

There are 9 options, all creating different effects. Her favourite is the velvet lens which gives soft, glowing photos at larger apertures and creates dreamy, painterly images.

She has a steady hand but many people use a tripod for this macro photography.


Some Lensbaby lenses are on sale at the moment (until Feb 15th) at The Camera Store.

Velvet lenses are on sale (15% off) at the Lensbaby site: https://lensbaby.com


Next month's challenge: is to photograph flowers. Judy suggested buying some if there aren't any spring flowers nearby.

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