SaltSpring Photography Club

              August Newsletter 

16 people attended the August meeting in the Library Program Room.

John Cochran has joined the Club and David Tabb has re-joined the fold.



Judy is making a new DVD to show at the hospital. Other places that have used this DVD in the past are:- TJ Beans, Harbour House Restaurant and cafe, The visitors Centre and the Salt Spring Inn.

Please send 10 Salt Spring images to Judy by the end of September.

They should be sized for widescreen, ratio 16:9. Each image must have your name or initials in  the file name.

You can send them to Judy by email (but don't downsize them)

or she can send you a Dropbox invite.


Guild Show:

Next years Guild Show will be a 7-day event at Mahon Hall. The Woodworker's Guild is joining the Group. The most likely dates will be May 22 - 28.



Maggie's photos are staying at Pasta Fresca and she has added some changes.

Pierre will be showing photos at the Country Grocer Cafe in September.


Eclectic Visions:

A student will be invited to participate in next year's show and Judy thinks she may have found one! 


Fall Fair:

Judy is still looking for volunteers to help with the Photography Show at the Fair.

The Fair is at the Farmer's Institute on Rainbow Road over the September 10 - 11 weekend.

She needs help on Tuesday 6th - moving tables

                                Wednesday 7th - Receiving photos

                                    Thursday 8th - Hanging photos 


                                                              Clerks to assist the judges

                                Sat. and Sun.  - Floor monitors to oversee the show.

Please let her know ( if you are available and she'll send you a sign-up email.



September Club meeting:

Avril will be away for the next meeting so please send your 2 challenge photos to Pierre.

The theme is - people or a person.

Jana Zachariou will be the speaker for the September Library meeting, talking about flower photography.

We will discuss how to proceed with the rest of this year's meetings; In person or by Zoom?


This month's Presentation:

Hannah Spray, John de Bruyn and Howard Fry shared some of their images, showcasing the diverse talents in this Club.

Hannah's Nikon camera has travelled to Ontario, Panama and Mexico and captured landscapes and people. She has a particular gift for photographing children. She likes working with Lightroom and enjoys colour and playing with saturation. She sometimes uses a fish-eye lens. Some of her photographs of people are taken from behind thus capturing a natural, candid feel.

John's images took us from a salt Spring waterfall (long exposures) to sheep in Crete (textural close-ups). He too likes to play with contrast and saturation and is open to experimenting to see what he can come up with; He's interested in producing an artistic image. His subjects varied from sports and people to flowers and landscapes. 

Howard showed us some of his recent portraits, including a couple of Pat's grandson. Some of his models are astonishingly beautiful which is a combination, I think, of their natural good looks and Howard's effective lighting. Whether using natural light or studio light Howard knows how to use it effectively to bring out the model's character. Carefully chosen light can emphasize certain features; Deep-set eyes or lines on the face or smooth, youthful skin. His backgrounds are always well chosen and enhance the image. His photos inspired next month's theme.



Next month's Theme/Challenge

Not portraits (saved for another month) but focusing on People, or a Person.

Maybe from behind??


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