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September 2022  Newsletter

Salt Spring Library Program Room 6 - 8 pm

14 people attended




Submissions for the Lady Minto dvd is due at the end of September.  10 images that represent Salt Spring or photos taken on Salt Spring - can be scenic or closeup.  As long as the photo was taken on Salt Spring - can even be people if you have their permission - must have model release and asked to have their image on a public shown slideshow.

Landscape 16/9 or similar size, dimensions on long side 2040 px at a resolution of 200 px/inch.

If you don't know how to do the size, send me a 300 resolution image and I will size it.

Email images in 3 emails.  Have your name in the file  ie) JMcPhee-001.jpg or AnnaMc-001.jpg

send to


Fall Fair   was a very successful fair. Almost 200 photo entries.  Judges clerks worked well with the judges and will continue with clerks for future years.  They help the judges with commenting on the images.

If the fair allows, would like to invite trophy winners to a one year membership with the club.


Country Grocer  Pierre Mineau is showing until September 30, exhibiting his black and white images.  All next year is available to show Jan, March, May, July, September and November.

If interested please contact me or Anna McColm 3 - 5 images depending on size.  Can be of any subject matter.


Meet on ZOOM  October and November we will meet on zoom from 7-9pm (back to regular hours)  second Wednesday of the month.  December will be in person at the Library for a social and have a festive theme - bring cookies, cakes, treats. More info to follow.


BC/Yukon Series  Pierre will be organizing the BC/Yukon Inter Club Speaker Series  which will

be November 18th, Jan 13th, February 24 and April 14th - they are all on Friday evenings over zoom.  The SS Photo Club will be hosting the April series with photographer Craig Blacklock.


Membership  we have two new members signed up this past month with a total of 9 new members this year. Total active membership is approximately 67 members


Those that took Howard's lighting and portrait workshop thanked him and was asked if he would do another in the future.  Contact Howard if you are interested, he can be reached at


Speaker  Jana did a wonderful presentation of her '5 best gardens to photograph in Victoria'

1, Butchart Gardens 2, HCP Gardens (Horticulture Centre of the Pacific) 3, Government House Gardens, 4, Abkhazi Gardens 5, Beacon Hill Park

Her images were amazing and very captivating. she creates exquisite flower images showing the beauty and seductive qualities of the botanical world.


NEXT MONTHS THEME - Anything Botanical send to Avril Kirby


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