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June 8, 2022 Newsletter






Meeting Notes:

16 people met at Gallery 8 to discuss a bit of business and talk about the photos that they were showing at the Eclectic Visions show. Not everyone at the meeting was showing images this year.

It was very good to see so many faces and to share information.

The Club is still looking for a suitable venue for in-person meetings for July, August and September. Marg is going to enquire about the Club House at Brinkworthy. Other possibilities are the Sailing Club, the United Church and The Library (we have held meetings there in the past). We need screens and laptops: John de Bruyn confessed to being a bit techy and other people (Pierre, Wendy) can help with hook-up knowledge, connectors etc.


Photofest  is happening at 14 venues around town and everyone is encouraged to see as much of it as they can. The biggest venues are Gallery 8 and Artspring ( the Photosynthesis show). Other venues to visit are:


Switchboard café

Salt Spring Books


The library (street photography)

Country Grocer

Artcraft (Mahon Hall)



TJ Beans

Island Savings

Pasta Fresca

Salt Spring Gallery

Mobile Electronics Repair



Ellen has put together the Landscape photos (the Club's challenge this month) and it is available online.


Judy mentioned the Classic Car Show at the Hydrofield on July 1st. That is the field on Rainbow in front of the SS Elementary and Middle School. A good opportunity for car photography.


Howard Fry is offering a portrait photography workshop sometime in the next 3 weeks. Class size around 6 ( 8 max). If there are more than 8 participants he's willing to add another workshop. This will be indoors at his studio and will be primarily about indoor lighting.


14 people shared information about the photos they were showing at EV  and it was interesting, entertaining, inspiring and informative and a great way to find out more about each other. 


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