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         July 2022 Newsletter




Eclectic Visions Summary:

18 people attended the July meeting at the Library.

Judy kicked off the meeting by announcing the winner of the people's choice award; Howard Fry!

These are the numbers for the 6 photographers with the most votes:

Howard             - 28 votes

Bruce McPhee - 23

Colton Prevost - 21

Jana Zachariou - 17

Pierre Mineau  - 14

Larry Citra         - 10


Eclectic Visions had 736 visitors this year.

63 cards sold

6 photos sold

4 shrinks sold.

 Total sales came to $2254.00 


It was suggested that sales and attendance might be better if, next year, the show covered the last 2 weeks of June, rather than the first 2 weeks. June 17th - June 30th which would be close to Canada Day, so more visitors would likely be on the Island. Razzali would have to okay this.


Kahsia would like the dimensions photographers can use to be 48 linear inches. This includes photographs and mats, but not frames. So - if your matted photos are 12 inches wide you can have 4 and if they measure 24" you can have 2 etc.


Next year there will be 2 pre-show meetings. One will be for the photographers to share and explain their chosen images. This is very helpful for all concerned so we have more knowledge to share with interested visitors when we are sitting the show. The other meeting will be an orientation for sitting duties.


In January members of the Photography Club can show their photos in Artspring's lobby. Usually 2 photos, sometimes 3. One if it's very large! December's Club meeting will devote some time to discussing framing, printing etc. This will be particularly helpful for new Club members who might not have displayed their work in a show before. Bring your questions...


Curt wanted to know if the Club was going to sponsor a student to be part of the Eclectic Visions show next year, like we used to. Previously a student from the High school, studying photography, was invited to be part of the show. Great exposure. Great experience. One year the chosen student gave a presentation at one of our meetings and we all learned alot!




Howard is offering 2 dates for his portrait photography workshop.

Friday, August 26th and Saturday October 1st.

Please get in touch with him if you are interested and tell him which date works best for you.



Fall Fair:

Judy has taken on the photography display at the Fall Fair (September 10 - 11) and is looking for volunteers to help her. 4 Judges are in place but she needs judging clerks to assist with writing positive and encouraging comments. Also needed are people to help collect and organise photos as they come in on Wednesday (7th) and help on Thursday (and Friday?) with pinning them on the boards. People can sit 2 hour shifts during the weekend to monitor the area. There will be coffee and cookies!. Judy will send out a separate sign-up email for willing-to-help photographers.


New Lady Minto DVD:

Judy is going to put together a DVD of Salt Spring Photos for Lady Minto Hospital. They are long overdue some new, wonderful images. She has sent an email to the Club members with instructions how to go about this. If you are going to submit photos for this new slideshow video please send your 10 photos to Judy by the end of September.


This Month’s Presentation:

New Club member, Earl Hirtz gave a wonderful presentation of some of his wildlife photography. We travelled virtually to the Great Bear Rainforest and the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Sanctuary, to Kamloops and Jaspar, to Churchill and Botswana and, closer to home, to Saturna and Hornby. His photography is varied and inspiring and we were dumbfounded to hear that one of his best images fetched a paltry $35 from the National Geographic Magazine.


Next Month:

Next month's meeting (August 10th) will be in the library again 6 - 8pm. There is no speaker so Judy is looking for 4-5 people who would like to share and present 10 of their photos to the Club. They can be themed or not. Please send an email to Judy (jhmcphee@shaw.ca) if you are interested and put your photos on a USB stick and bring it with you. John had suggested going for a Photo Walk around town and the harbour and this will be possible after the meeting, as it will still be light at 8pm.

Avril has volunteered to take over the slideshow from Ellen, who has other commitments. So please send your themed photos now to Avril: avek@telus.net and write PC Slideshow for the subject.

Jana will give a presentation on garden photography for the September library meeting.


Next month's challenge is 'Wildlife Photography' and you can send your masterpieces to Avril.

Well Wishes to MCB:

Margaret Benmore has had a minor stroke and has been visited by some Photo Club members. She is hoping to come home soon and we all wish her a speedy return to  the Island and to good health.



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