Memberships are due now:  Please send by E-transfer annual fee $30 to Patricia Page  patssi@shaw.ca or contact her for an alternate way of payment.


Guild Show Update:  May 24th - 28th at Mahon Hall with 6 guilds - Pottery, Printmakers, Textiles, Basketry, Woodworkers and Photography guilds.



Country Grocer Cafe:   Avril - March,  Maggie Vancik - May,

Hannah Spray -July,  September and November still available.  Contact Anna or myself if interested.  annagarika@hotmail.com


Eclectic Visions Update:  I met with Razali of Gallery8 and have the contract signed. We will change our meeting that month to June 7th, so we can meet and discuss our work that is hanging in the show. 

May - in-person meeting at the library will have a slideshow showing the images we are exhibiting.   We will also go through the logistics for sitting the show.  I will be sending another email out to ask for volunteers to help with the planning stages of this annual show.

If we could get a number of people that would like to show in Eclectic Visions by the end of February, mid March latest. I will send out a submission form regarding the number of pieces and sizes. Price will stay the same $70 per person.  You can also enter photo cards and shrink wraps.

There will be an opening with food and wine.  If someone is interested in helping out with the planning please let me know. 

Sign up will be through signup genius, as this worked out very well last year.

If you get too many signup genius emails, you can always unsubscribe from them.


BC/Yukon Series Update:  February 24 - Dianne Bos - Alternative Photography Techniques, April 14 Craig Blacklock - Light Waves

Our club is hosting the April series and we share a slideshow of our best photographs from the club before the series begins and during intermission.  Zoom will say it starts at 7pm but you can go on before that time and watch the slideshow.  The speaker comes on at 7:00pm. 


Important: Pierre will be collecting the photographs before March 1st.  He will be organizing our slideshow for that event and will be sending reminders as we get close to the date.  Please set aside at least 6 of your favourite and best photographs to send to Pierre by that date.



March Slideshow Theme:  Black and White Landscape.

send images to Avril  avek@telus.net   a reminder will be sent.


FOR SALE - Canon Pro 1 13x19 large format printer as well as some photography lighting gear, contact me and I will forward the name of the person selling them.


Future Meetings: March will be on Zoom and hope to have the spring and summer months in-person at the Library back to our regular time 7-9pm. 

In March we have Marc Koegel doing a presentation  -  he is a photographer based in Vancouver and does many photo workshops.  There is a short meet the photographer on his about page.  His website is https://www.marckoegel.com


Jana was interviewed by CBC news today about her flower photography





Another interest:  Inuit Identity in Photos  https://www.inuitartfoundation.org/iaq-online/how-to-overcome-the-erasure-of-inuit-identity-in-archival-photos


Creative Live link:  www.creativelive.com ; You can watch course introductions and the odd lesson online.  They often have sales of 30% off annual fees or you can purchase individual classes.





President, Salt Spring Photography Club


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