The purpose of this newsletter is to keep our members informed about upcoming events and workshops.  The business portion of our monthly meetings will be presented in this newsletter. This will allow more time during club meetings for educational events, the slideshow and members discussion (you know --the fun stuff).



A central information hub monitored by Simon Henson and Larry Citra will direct pertinent information to Programme Committee members who will be responsible for various club initiatives such as education, field trips, workshops, communications such as the website and this newsletter, slideshows, meetings presentations, mentoring and competition opportunities.

Email your questions and comments to: Simon Henson or Larry Citra



The Club will meet formally for 10 months of the year with no meetings in July and August (gone fishing).

Until April 2022  due to pandemic considerations, the Club will alternate between Zoom meetings and in-person meetings. The location of the next in-person meeting (November) is yet to be determined. Indoor meetings will follow current public health COVID protocols.

Meetings will continue to be held on the second Wednesday of the month. This month we will meet on Zoom on October 13th from 7-9 p.m. A Zoom invitation will be sent to all members via email.  Members of the Programme Committee will take turns chairing the meeting and this month Maggie Vancik will be acting as  Meeting Chair (yay Maggie!) 



The Club is considering moving the website from its current ‘Ning’ format. Wendy Rosier will be researching this possibility. The Victoria Camera Club uses a site called ‘Visual Pursuits’ which is reputed to be better suited for photography.

Justine Tedder will be looking into establishing a Facebook page and an Instagram account for the Club.




The latest cheque received from the Country Grocer amounted to $114.00! To date (since 2018) we have received $883.00 through this very worthwhile programme.  We encourage you to consider dropping your Country Grocer receipts into that special Box #62.



Roger Brooks will describe his upcoming workshops on photographing architecture at the October meeting.



The Club Mentor Programme encourages members to partner with another club member for the purpose of better understanding their photographic goals and/or overcoming specific challenges.

The Programme Committee is looking for mentors willing to participate in this member opportunity. If you wish to volunteer as a Club Mentor please indicate your area of photographic interest and personal choice of gear.



The slideshow theme for October is ‘GRASS’  ---yes that leggy green or, more recently, brown stuff that carpets much of our earth. Please send your submissions as soon as possible to Ellen Vesterdal at:


Looking forward to seeing you in October!

The Programme Committee

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