Roger Brooks gave an excellent presentation from his career as a professional architectural photographer. He will be offering two workshops in the Spring: Photographing Architecture,  1) Exterior, 2) Interior. Details to follow.


October slide show theme: ‘Grass’ provided a wide range of images and comments.


November meeting: Wednesday, November 10th 7:00-9:00 pm Harbour House Hotel meeting room.

Presentation: Designing with Colour. Simon Henson will explore the use of colour and its design attributes in photography.

Simon will also facilitate the meeting since he will have to set up early for the presentation.


Slide show theme is ‘Minimalism’. There are many examples online, more information can be found here: https://contrastly.com/minimalist-photography/

Please submit 2 slides to: ssiphotoclubslideshow@gmail.com. No later than Friday, Nov 5th.

The meeting will be a test case in-person meeting for the first time in 18 months, in our old meeting room at Harbour House Hotel. In keeping with the hotels Covid protocols, attendees must be fully vaccinated, and wear a mask whilst indoors. We will set up the room according to the social-distancing guidelines. The committee would like to hear from members if they have a preference to carrying on with our meetings on Zoom or get back to in-person gatherings. Please voice your preference to both Larry and Simon by email.

Howard Fry will be offering two workshops: 1) Studio Lighting, 2) Portraiture in his studio. Times, dates and information to follow soon.

Judy McPhee will be showing at the Country Grocer Cafe for the month of November. She will have 3 photos printed on wood. They range in size, 2 @ 16” x 24” & 1 @ 18” x 24”. 

We are still looking at ideas to make our website more productive and will keep you posted with its development.

Please direct your questions, enquiries to: Simon Henson simonhenson42@gmail.com or Larry Citra montanalake16@hotmail.com


Larry, Simon





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