SaltSpring Photography Club November Newsletter


 The Photo club was pleased to host its first in-person meeting in almost two years on November 10th. It was fitting that retired arts educator and instructor and long-time Club Member Simon Henson was the presenter.  The title of Simon’s presentation was ‘Designing with Colour”.  Our sincerest thanks to Simon for organizing and leading the meeting and also for his fascinating and insightful presentation.

Simon summarized his presentation in these words: “Colour has many functions within a photograph. It can draw attention to important content, guide the viewer throughout the image, create n emotional link to set the overall mood and tell a story.  The presentation was to help develop these qualities and create a greater awareness of the importance of colour as a design tool and for creative expression.” 

For those members unable to attend the meeting Avril Kirby offers a few takeaway points: think in terms of a specific colour pallet; be aware of colour change in varying lights; adjust your formal points with colour in mind and note the importance of scale when including certain colours or colour shapes in your photos.


December Meeting:

The December 8th meeting will be hosted on zoom from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. A link will be sent out to all members prior to the meeting,

The results of the member's preference poll for an in-person, zoom or hybrid meeting schedule will be announced at that time.

After many years of significant service, Doug McMillin will no longer be overseeing the Country Grocer Cafe displays. The club mounts a display every other month and the first display opening will be in January. We are exceptionally grateful for all that Doug has done for the club over the past years.  If anyone is able to co-ordinate this programme please contact the organizing committee.


December Zoom Presentation:

Next month’s zoom presentation will be through Creative Live, which the club recently purchased. The subject will be Minimalist Photography presented by Curtis Jones, a Canadian photographer living in Newfoundland. His website is:  The presentation will be approximately 1 hr. and will be covering topics such as isolating your anchor, negative space, visual clutter and composition.  All members are encouraged to check out his website.



December Slide Show Theme:

The theme for the December Member slideshow will be: “Architecture”. This topic includes both interior and exterior photography. Please submit two slides to: before Friday, December 3rd.

Member Exhibits, Workshops and Announcements:

Avril Kirby’s work will be showing at the Salt Spring Library through the month of December.  This exhibit is titled: “Conversations with Thomas”.   opening reception will be held on December 7th in the Library Programme Room from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Here is information on two upcoming workshops by Club Member Howard Fry:

LIGHTING: Dec 4th at 1:00 p.m. We will cover photography with natural light, tungsten lighting and strobe light. I’ll demonstrate how to use the lighting utilizing light modifiers (softbox, umbrella, defused and bounce).

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: Dec 13th at 1:00 p.m. We will cover lighting, working with the subject, posing and expression. Using backgrounds, using your imagination and creating mood.


Both workshops will be $50 or if you only want to attend only one, $30.

To be held at my studio 171 Isabella Point Rd.

Fully vaccinated people only.

It would be desirable to have an understanding of the shutter speed and f stop functions on your camera.

If you have further questions you can reach me at


The Victoria Camera Club is pleased to be hosting acclaimed Canadian photographer Dave Brosha on December 6, 2021. Dave will discuss the art and craft of B&W nature photography. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for this presentation.

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