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NOTES:  Another Zoom meeting. There will be in-person meetings (at Harbour House) in July, August and September and then monthly meetings may go back to the Zoom format for the winter. To be discussed.

Elehna would like someone to look into the possibility of hybrid meetings; In person with a Zoom option.

Jana Zachariou will give a talk at the September meeting on 'Victoria Gardens'. She has been giving 'Creative flower photography' workshops in Victoria.

Bernadette will present some of her travel photography at the (Zoom) November meeting.

For new members who might like to meet other photographers in person, the club has been holding informal get-togethers over coffee on Monday mornings; 9.30 - 11.30. These meetings have moved from Harbour House to the Golf Club's restaurant and have presently settled at Fernwood Cafe where people could meet outside during Covid times. The seating is still outside but there is protection from wind and rain and heat lamps.


The club welcomes two new members: Earl Hirtz and Tess Fama. They have both posted photos on the Website and have both entered the Eclectic Visions show. Tess will be showing more images at the Country Grocer Cafe in November. 

Shows: For the month of May:

John de Bruyn is showing photos at Country Grocer cafe and Avril Kirby is showing her maritime images at Fernwood Cafe. She is also selling her maritime calendars there.

Bernadette will be showing work at the Country Grocer Cafe in June.


Eclectic Visions:

All submission forms must be sent to Kahsia ( by May 15th, so that Wendy has enough time to make tags for the show. 

Kahsia would also like people's bios which go into a binder. A good idea is to include a photo of yourself as well as small photos of the images you are showing. This is optional.

Drop off time for your EV photos is Wednesday, June 1st from noon - 5pm.

Friday, June 3rd is Opening Night from 6pm - 8pm with artists in attendance. There will be no food or drink this year.


Guild Show:

10 club members entered the show which was open for 5 days over the Easter weekend, and made $900.

Next year this show will be held April 11 - 17 (not over Easter) and two extra Guilds will be added, making 7 Guilds.


The Country Grocer receipts (box 62!) have made the Club $113 since March of this year. 


The Hospital screen: Judy and Wendy will put some time and effort into updating the photos shown on the hospital screens after June. People could start selecting suitable images they'd like to submit and crop them to a widescreen size, 16:9. In the past, they have been exclusively photos of Salt Spring. Some people would like to broaden this category to include other places. There will be further discussion on this and there may be two separate slideshows.

Curt's proposal:



A Salt Spring Photography Club Proposal

For the SS Photo Club’s (SSPC) consideration.


It has been noted that several SSPC members have a body of work that begs to be shown

in more than Eclectic Visions or Country Grocer. The Meet the Photographer would

afford the photographer the opportunity to:

  1. Show and speak to many images in a single showing.
  2. Introduce the public to an opportunity to purchase images (if the photographer desires)
  1. Allow the public an opportunity for a dialog with attendees

Four times per year a member of the SSPC will present a body of their own work. This will be at a gathering other than the regular monthly SSPC meeting. It is suggested that the gatherings take place in these four months of each year.

June (Photofest month), September, early December, March

Gatherings would be held in appropriate indoor settings with the club providing and operating video equipment necessary for image presentations.

The public would be invited through notices posted in The Driftwood, The Exchange, The Art Council and other venues as appropriate.

Cost: A donation jar at the door with a request for a $5 donation. If Harbour House

charges $100, then an attendance of 20 donors would cover costs.

Staffing: Two club members would each take two of the four annual shows to organize including getting out the notices to the public. Assuming proposal approval, one person has already volunteered for two of the four months. If approved, a second person must step forward.

All current club members would be eligible to participate. The SSPC president would keep the list of those who wish to be a presenter at Meet The Photographer. Participants will be chosen in order in which they apply. If there are no applicants to present, the member in charge of a particular month may seek a presenter from within the club or cancel that month’s Meet The Photographer.


If anyone is interested (either in helping to organize this or in presenting their work) to get in touch with Curt.

 He will handle things for now but needs a replacement person for December.



Kahsia selected a talk by John Greengo from the Creative Live collection. He covered 4 topics:

Photographing mountains and forests


Adding people to images

Elements of design.

His presentation was clear and easily digestible and was full of ideas and tips.


Challenge Slideshow:

Avril presented the slideshow (20 photos) on the theme 'pictures taken with my phone'. Some phones with very good cameras out there! The show was varied and interesting.


Next month's challenge theme is 'Landscape Photography'.

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