January 13 Meeting Minutes

(Anna McColm)

Another success: 28 members attended January's Zoom meeting. People checked in from Mexico and Comox as well as Salt Spring and nobody had to drive home in the dark.
     Pierre welcomed two new members, John Lancaster and Uschi Hopping. Uschi has posted one of her photos already on the club Website.
     We were all reminded to send our 'best ever' photo, or something close, to Pierre so that a panel of secret judges could choose 6 to be the 6 submissions allowed from each Photography Club. This is for the North Shore Photographic Challenge 2021 and we will be competing with other BC and Yukon Photo Clubs. Once our panel of judges have chosen the 6 entries people are then free to submit individual entries. Registration is required and the submission date is Feb 12th. There is information about this on the Main page of the Website.
     The Victoria Camera Club are hosting on-line talks and Doug has put a link on the Main page. There is a talk in March and another in May. The Freeman Patterson talk on January 19th (hosted by the Nanaimo Club) has sold out so is no longer available. Sniff.
     Two Club members, Avril Kirby and Justene Tedder, presented a small body of their work to the Club. They were pleasantly diverse; Avril's were about Portraits and Justene's were of African Wildlife.
     Avril showed candid portraits she had taken on her travels and how she used them to create a composite image. She always asks permission and often chooses the photo she took before asking for that permission as that was the candid shot she prefers. She showed us a watery background (using an underwater camera) and added each face, one by one, into the final frame. Complex and interesting.
     Justene demonstrated her love and fascination of the local (African) wildlife through her images. Birds, elephants, hippos, impala (I think), zebras, insects and lions were all given the Justene treatment. She zooms in for details (patterns on a Zebra, flies on a hippopotamus, a lion's gaze) and captures a 'moment' of movement that takes you to that place so you see it through her eyes. They were powerful images. She is looking for more knowledge of how to use Lightroom and Photoshop so she can do more editing.
     Doug then presented a slideshow of the Club's 'Covid' photos.
     The theme for next month's challenge is 'Serenity'.
     Next Month's Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday February 10th at 7pm. Pierre will send a Zoom link nearer the time. I encourage anyone who has not yet attended one of these Zoom meetings to give it a try. I found it very inspiring and it was just so nice to see and hear everyone.


January Slideshow (COVID, Isolation)


Part 2: Covid, Specific


Photographers: 1,2 Larry Citra, 3-4 Merv Anderson, 5-6 Marcia Jeanne, 7-8 Howard Fry, 9-10 Justene Tedder, 11-12 Trudy Sloan, 13-14 Avril Kirby, 15 Pat McMahon, 16-17 Judy McPhee, 18-19 Bruce McPhee, 20-21 Wendy Rosier, 22-23 Ross McLeod, 24-25 Simon Henson, 26-27 Maggie Vancik Argiro, 28-29 Sylvia Beech, 30-31 Gwen McDonald, 32 Roger Brooks, 33 Kahsia Hartwell, 34-35 Bernadette Mertens-McAlister, 36-37 elehna de sousa, 38-39 Doug McMillin.

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Comment by Avril Kirby on January 16, 2021 at 10:24am

Thanks Doug and Anna for posting this, good to go back over it afterwards and I like the slide show being attached to the minutes. Well done.



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