Photographic Exhibitions in the Time of COVID (Fall 2020)

Distancing - Doug McMillin

Social restrictions have moved local photographers onto the internet more than ever to exhibit their work. The Salt Spring Photo Club's annual June event, Eclectic Visions, was held this year online as a 'virtual' exhibition. Click below to learn more:


EV2020. Video by Jana Zachariou. Cover photo: Judy McPhee.

To begin the club's autumn season, Avril Kirby has created a virtual exhibition she calls Covid's Silver Lining, addressing the bright side of things (having more free time, etc.):

Covid's Silver Lining. Video by Avril Kirby. Cover photo: Pierre Mineau.

Click to view.


The senior photo group on Salt Spring, Photosynthesis, also hold an annual show, usually in August. This year they too opted for a virtual exhibition, not as a video but rather, as an addition to their website:

Photosynthesis 2020. Web work: Christina Heinemann.

Cover photo: Seth Berkowitz. Click to view.

Individual Photo Club members

Avril Kirby is has made her show at Gallery 8, Conversations with Thomas available online:

Video and photos: Avril Kirby. Click to view.

Pierre Mineau is still exhibiting his collection, 'The Storm', at the Embe coffee shop. This is a series of photos about the great 2018 windstorm. Unfortunately, the shop appears not to be open at this time. 

Other websites

Many members in the Photo Club have their own websites. Some are listed below:

  • Group of Six  link
  •    Larry Citra  link
  •    Kahsia Hartwell  link
  •    Simon Henson 
  •    Ross McLeod  link
  •    Bruce McPhee
  •    Judy McPhee  link
  • Uri Cogan  link
  • Curt Firestone  link
  • Tamar Griggs  link
  • Ramona Lam  link
  • Sam Lightman  link
  • Doug McMillin  link
  • Pierre Mineau  link
  • Wendy Rosier  link
  • Jana Zachariou  link

Social media

Members who are daunted by website creation and maintenance can consider social media: Facebook, Flickr, etc. Here is an example on Instagram: 


Compiled by Doug McMillin

Posted September 3, 2020

Updated 21 October

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