January Photo Club Newsletter


Kicking off the New Year members enjoyed a presentation by Curtis Jones on minimalist photography and the use of colour.

He emphasized the use of colour for contextualizing such information as time of day and mood. He also stressed compositional basics such as making use of focal points and the addition of meaningful layers after clutter has been scrubbed out. His final message was that the resulting image should both convey a message and still retain a minimalist feel. (With thanks to Anna McColm for these notes.)

Co-ordinating Committee Updates - Notes from the January Meeting:

The lobby show at Artspring is hung and open for viewing. Wendy Rosier thanked the photographers and the people who helped to hang the show.  Mention of the exhibit appears in the Driftwood  “What’s On” section.

Anna McColm and Judy McPhee have volunteered to organize the Country Grocer exhibition space. The Club shows at this venue every second month.  Colton Prevost will be the next exhibitor in March. For more details and to sign up for a space please go to the Club website.  

“Eclectic Visions”  will be showing at Gallery 8 for the month of June. Kahsia Hartwell is looking for an exhibit co-organizer as she will be away in April and part of June. Judy McPhee has volunteered to organize the list of those who will be sitting shifts at the exhibit.


Annual Dues - a message from our Treasurer:

It’s that time again for annual dues. We had a break last year with the 2020 dues flowing through to the end of 2021.  We are planning once more to present “Eclectic Visions” at  Gallery 8, and participate in “Photofest”. We will have further costs such as online presentations and Zoom so we need to augment the Club’s finances to cover these expenses. Accordingly, the 2022 dues are set at $30 per person.  We will be review this amount near the end of the year and make a decision about 2023 as circumstances continue to be changeable.  Here’s to a productive 2022 everyone! Patricia Page

E-Transfer is the best way to pay your dues but if anyone wishes to make alternate arrangements please email Patricia at patssi@shaw.ca.

Photofest Updates:

An organizing committee meeting will take place on January 31st. We are looking for volunteers to help organize this Club event. Please contact Kahsia Hartwell at: moonmtn@gmail.com.

February and March Meetings: the Challenge Theme: 

The Challenge Theme for our February meeting will be “Winter” or “Snow”. Some ideas put forward included images of ice or dried flowers.  Please send your images to Ellen Vesterdal at:  ssiphotoclubslideshow@gmail.com.

We are also looking forward to hearing from Kathleen Clemons on “The Art of Flower Photography”. This is a four-hour course so the second half will be seen in March.

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