SaltSpring Photography Club

Photo: Doug McMillin

Several photo-opportunities were announced at our January meeting:

  1. Photo-walkabouts on the third Sunday every month, beginning 21 January. This month, we will meet at 10:00 at the Sunset Drive entrance to Duck Creek Park. Who knows, but there may be a coffee or lunch option after the walk.
  2. Ladysmith Fine Art Show is accepting applications until 19 January. The show runs February 3-24. For details see HERE. Several club members are already participating and so there will be opportunities for ride sharing and item delivery and retrieval.
  3. Energy-Friendly Transportation, and specifically electric vehicles, is being celebrated next June and the Photo Club will be organizing mini-shows around town on that theme (like we did with bicycling for 'Velo Village' in June 2012). Get ready for that.

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