I'm about to buy some photo matting but thought I should ask where some of you are buying your framing supplies and what you would recommend?

Also looking into getting some photo hanging rails for my shop in town

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Hi Colton,

Framers Choice Wholesale Ltd.
Picture Frame Shop
Address: 1677 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H3
Phone:(604) 732-8477
This is where I get my frames (not my canvas stretching frames, but you can get a different type than I use there), and framing supplies (wire, mounting hardware, rubber bumpers etc.) and mat boards.  You have to open an account with them as they are a wholesale distributor. As far as I know, after your first order shipping is free. They are very reliable and ship very fast, especially to SSI.

Great, thanks Larry!

For those track type hanging systems try www.ashanging.com , that's where I got mine.

Yeah I was looking at getting the click-rail system, do you know if I'd be able to chop up the rail? I have a few 2ft sections I'd like to cover

Nevermind, found the answer:

I have bought bulk mat board here...

For already cut mats, try the Matshop in Saanich. You can order them by phone and pick them up yourself if you happen to be in Victoria, or they ship.

They also sell uncut mat board in any quantity.

I didn't know that!


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