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Photo: Jessie Freemont

ArtSpring Lobby Show Jan 8 to Jan 31, 2018


Sign-up Here:

To enter the Lobby Show please add all of the following Information to this discussion only and have your information exactly as you want it as the name tags will all come from the information you provide here.


Information required:

Photographer Name

Photo Title


Photographer Contact info - ie email or phone number


Entry Deadline: January 4

Hanging Date: January 8


Bring Framed Photos to ArtSpring

Monday, Jan 8th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am


Any Questions? Contact Wendy at

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Thanks Ross.  - now on the list :-)

Hi Wendy, Here are my photos in priority order:

1. Kahsia Hartwell

    Torres del Paine, Patagonia

    48” x 16 1/2”


2. Kahsia Hartwell

    Plancius, Antarctica

    42” x 28”


3. Kahsia Hartwell

    Whaling Station, Deception Island, Antartica

    32” x 26”


Thanks so much for doing this and if you need any help, I am available.


Thanks Kahsia for all the info!

3 pieces, if I may:

Timothy Gibbon

Fantasia (14 1/2" by 14")


Timothy Gibbon

Mitchell's Farm (20" by 13")


Timothy Gibbon

Walking on Water (24" by 18")


thank you for doing this. t

Thanks Timmy!

I have two entries for the show. Both, framed are 16X20.


Pierre Mineau

Fish impression: Unicorn


Pierre Mineau

Fish impression: Grouper


Got them Pierre, Thanks!  With changes :-)


Can't even read instructions.

Hey. Got to stick it in after all. The 15 min. grace period.

Sorry Wendy.

  Hi Wendy, I would like to sign up for the lobby show

I have 1,2 or 3 pictures

I will give you the name of each and i will confirm later which I have decided on. 3 seem a little greedy

  1, Bird on a Wire  Sylvia Beech

  2, My Hummer     Sylvia Beech

  3, Quintessential Quail Sylvia Beech

  I really have a problem pricing and  selling my pictures . Is $175 OK?

Thanks Sylvia.  You are on the list and $175 is a reasonable price.




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