SaltSpring Photography Club

Photo: Jessie Freemont

As most of you know, members of our club hang a show at the Country Grocer Café every other month.

It's a pleasant venue with lots of public exposure.

This is our current schedule:


January - Doug McMillin √

March - Margeret Benmore

May - Colton Prevost

July - Avril Kirby

September - Evelyn Smith

November - Kashia Hartwell

Backup - Maureen Milburn (any), Sylvia Beech (Nov)

Self-Portrait in Washroom Mirror (D McMillin)

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I'll pop in and see your show, and I'd like to take a month this year. I think July would be good, but I'll email you to find out if anyone else has signed up for it. Thanks, Doug.

I will put you in for July, Avril. Thanks.

My show is not up until tomorrow evening, because of unusual CG holiday hours.

I had to take January because I was late in posting my call for reservations.

Doug,  I've never done it before but will jump in for a try this year how about September? 

What are the guidelines?


Evelyn, you are now in for September.

There are no guidelines per se, beyond good taste in the usual sense. Five large photos (16x20 or 18x24, for example) look good on their wall in a single row, but you can hang multiple rows of small photos or any combination. Have a look the next time you're there (Jan, Mar, May, Jul) to see what our other members do.

May for me, please!

Colton, I'll put you in for May. (But see conflict below.)

I would like to reserve May.

Kashia, Colton beat you by 3 minutes. Will you take another month?

(He may be willing to barter.)

I just saw that Colton asked for May, so would take November if it is still available.

OK, November for you.

NOTE: I am holding March for Maureen Milburn, requested through email.

We are now fully booked. If you are interested I can put you in as backup.

(Or, if you can hang tomorrow evening, I will give up my January.)

Thanks, everyone, for a record response.




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